Yokohama Sports Teams Special

Published: Mar 27, 2024

  • Cheer along with Yokohama-loving fans! Yokohama Sports Teams Special
  • Cheer along with Yokohama-loving fans! Yokohama Sports Teams Special
Yokohama is a city with deep ties to sports, even by national standards. Legendary American baseball player Babe Ruth played in Yokohama when he visited Japan, and Yokohama's Nissan Stadium hosted the finals of the 2002 Japan-Korea Soccer World Cup, the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and the 2021 Olympic Games (men's soccer), respectively. In fact, Nissan Stadium is the only stadium in the world where the finals of 3 major sports events in the world have been held.

While the Yokohama DeNA BayStars (baseball) and Yokohama F. Marinos (soccer) may be the most well-known sports teams in Yokohama City in Japan today, there are actually many other notable sports teams as well!

For example, in men's soccer, Yokohama F. Marinos, Yokohama FC, and Y.S.C.C. are all based in Yokohama. Y.S.C.C. also has a futsal team that is closely connected to the community. There are also two women's soccer teams, the Nittaidai SMG Yokohama and the Nippatsu Yokohama FC Seagulls.

For men's basketball, there are two teams, the Yokohama B-Corsairs and the Yokohama Excellence. Yokohama also has sports teams in a variety of different sports, including the Yokohama GRITS (ice hockey), Hitachi Sundiva (softball), Yokohama Canon Eagles (men's rugby), and YOKOHAMA TKM (women's rugby), all of which train hard every day towards victory.

If you go to a local team game while sightseeing, you may be able to spend time with local fans and feel their love for Yokohama!