Web Accessibility 【FACIL’iti】

Aiming to make the Yokohama Visitors Guide website accessible to everyone

FACIL'iti provides an improved and customized browsing experience for seniors and people with disabilities. It’s a functionality that automatically adapts the website to meet the needs of each individual’s particular condition.

All users with special needs such as visual, motor and cognitive disorders, can enjoy the service on a free of charge basis, with just one-click.

Start benefiting from this customized browsing by creating your profile with information on your particular condition (this data will be kept confidential). After setting your profile, the content of the Yokohama Visitors Guide will instantly adapt to your needs.

<Supported Conditions>

Vision Deuteranpia, Achromatopsia, Cataract, ARMD, Presbyopia, Low vision, Senior, etc.
Movement Parkinson’s disease, Wilson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Essential tremor, etc.
Cognitive Dyslexia, Photosensitive epilepsy, Retinal Migrane, Visual Fatigue, etc.

<How to Activate FACIL'iti>

1. Open FACIL'iti

Click here to open FACIL’iti page to create your profile.

2. Create your profile

Create your profile with a single click or make a custom profile. The one-click profile includes conditions like Parkinson’s disease, Wilson’s disease, Multiple sclerosis, Essential tremor, Osteoarthritis, Low vison, Dyslexia, Senior, Blurred Vision, and more.

3.Return to the Yokohama Visitors Guide website

After creating and setting your profile, return to www.yokohamajapan.com. It will be adjusted to all of your requirements. It will automatically be applied to all of the websites where FACIL’iti is installed.

<Website image>

≪ Without FACIL’iti ≫


≪When profile is set as “Cataracts”≫

・Adapts the size of text to ensure reading comfort.
・The solution also modifies background color (darker) to heighten contrast.