Emergency Services


Accident and Crime (Emergency Number: 110)

If you are in danger, or in other emergencies, call the emergency telephone number “110” for police assistance. English operator is available 24 hours a day.

<Police Stations and Boxes>
The Police Stations and Boxes play an important role in Japanese life. Police boxes are usually located near train stations, in busy areas, and in residential areas.
Police officers at satellite offices usually conduct patrols both during the day and at night. Their work includes crime prevention, and locating and arresting suspects in crimes in order to maintain security in the local area. Police officers are also happy to give directions if you are lost or cannot find an address.

Police Stations around Yokohama and Kanagawa

Ambulance & Rescue

Accidents, Sudden illness, Fire (Emergency Number: 119)

If you require an ambulance due to an accident or sudden illness, call the emergency telephone number "119". Also call "119" in case of fire. English operator is available 24 hours a day.

An operator in commanding section will have the fire engine or ambulance dispatched as they receive the site and other information from your 119 emergency call. Please refer to the Yokohama City official website below for more information on how to call and inform about a fire or ask for an ambulance.

In the Event of an Emergency / Natural Disaster

Safety tips for travelers

This website provides information about safe travel for international tourists in Japan.

  • Weather Information (Daily forecasts)
  • News (Japan’s latest news on website in English)
  • Weather Warnings and Advisories
  • My Location from Google Maps (Check your present location)
  • Transportation
  • Contact List (Embassies, News media, Guide for when you are feeling ill, etc)
  • Useful tips to protect yourself from an disaster
  • In the event of an emergency (Procedures to follow during disaster)
  • Communication Cards
  • The App “Safaty tips” for foreign tourists(the push-enabled information alert)
Safety tips for travelers (Japan Tourism Agency)

Safety tips (Application for smartphones)

Japan Visitor Hotline

Japan National Tourist Organization (JNTO) provides a 24-hour, 365 days a year, multilingual call service for travelers in Japan. Call Japan Visitor Hotline for tourist information, or if you need assistance in case of emergency or for support during natural disasters. Available in English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese.

Japan Visitor Hotline (JNTO)


Important Notices after the Disasters

Latest news and important notices from Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Important Notices after the Disasters (JNTO)

Disaster Prevention Information (City of Yokohama)

The website provides disaster prevention information in English from the Emergency Management Office (City of Yokohama).

  • Disaster information, warnings, and warning in Yokohama city area
  • public utilities and Living Information
  • Event / Sightseeing Information
  • Past Disaster Information
  • Support for Disasters
  • Yokohama City Disaster Prevention Twitter
  • Disaster prevention information
  • Other disaster prevention related information
  • Summarize safety information and search

Disaster Prevention Information (City of Yokohama)

Earthquake Disaster Information Center for Foreign Residents in Yokohama

The service provided by Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE) to support foreigners in case of any major earthquake.

Earthquake Disaster Information Center for Foreign Residents in Yokohama (YOKE)

TEL: 045-222-1171 (Japanese)
TEL: 045-222-1209 (Foreign language)

Pocket Emergency Guide

A pocket-sized booklet with useful information in case of emergency.

  • What to do in case of earthquake, tsunami, typhoon
  • First aid for dehydration
  • Useful links
  • Pointing Phrase book
  • Useful Map for Emergency

Pocket Emergency Guide (PDF download)