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Futsal is a sport played on a court about one-ninth the size of a soccer court. It is estimated that more than 7 million people play this sport worldwide.
Two teams of five players (four field players and a goalkeeper) play against each other. It differs from soccer in that it uses a smaller, less bouncy ball. According to the official rules, a futsal game lasts 40 minutes, 20 minutes for the first and second halves, but in amateur games, the time can be changed according to the physical strength of the players.
Strong contact play, such as sliding tackles, is a foul, and futsal is characterized by less contact play than soccer. It is a sport that can be enjoyed by a wide range of people regardless of experience, gender, or age.

Tips for a better sports experience!
Spectator's Guide


At a futsal game, you can even feel the players' breath. Be sure to pay attention to the players’ "feet". You’ll be impressed by their speedy and brilliant footwork.


Most futsal matches are held indoors. This is a great advantage because it is less likely to be affected by the weather and get cancelled suddenly, making it easy to make plans to watch a futsal game. It is a good idea to include watching one in your travel plans.


Since the court is more compact than that of soccer, you can watch the powerful game up close. During the game, you can even hear the players talking to each other and see what is going on on the bench! Enjoy watching the game in an outstandingly realistic atmosphere!


At the venues of the Japan Futsal League (F-League), you can get the Match Day Program, a booklet containing information about the team and players. Knowing even the slightest thing before watching the game, will make you feel more excited to cheer for the team!

*Information of teams, players, uniforms and uniform numbers are as of March 2023.


Y.S.C.C. is a futsal team in the Japan Futsal League (F-League) and is the futsal division of Y.S.C.C., a J3 affiliated soccer club.
Founded in 2011 and approved as a member of the Japan Futsal League (F-League) in 2018, the team includes Daisuke Matsui, who represented Japan at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and has also played in world soccer leagues such as France.
As Yokohama's first F-League member club, their goal is to create dreams, efforts, and aspirations in Yokohama through futsal, to promote Yokohama culture, and realize the values of a new type of comprehensive sports club. They believe that futsal is great for improve soccer skills, and their school also provides support for children who have the desire to become professional soccer players and to get better at the sport.
Team Information
Home Stadium Yokohama Budokan
Address 2-9-10 Okinacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Official website (match information) https://ysccfutsal.jp/
Access to the stadium 4 min. walk from South Exit of Kannai Station on JR Negishi Line