for Cruise Passengers




* Updated February 2020


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding cruises.

Where do I get on and off the cruise ship?
There are many passenger terminals in Yokohama, including Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal and Daikoku Pier, and where they moor depends on the ship and the time of year. Check in advance with the cruise line to obtain the latest information on which terminal they will be moored at. The place of mooring can also be checked on the Yokohama, Japan Cruise Ships Schedule below.
How do I get to the passenger terminal from the nearest airport?
Narita and Haneda are the nearest airports to Yokohama Port. Check the link below for access to Yokohama Check the links below for access to the terminals from the nearest train stations and bus stops
Is there a hotel nearby the cruise terminal?
Yokohama offers a wide selection of accommodation near the cruise terminals ranging from reasonable and convenient to five-star international brand hotels. Many of the hotels have direct access by limousine bus from both Narita and Haneda International Airports.
Are there parking lots near the passenger terminals?
Check the links below for information on nearby parking lots
What are some spots I can enjoy before or after a cruise?
Yokohama offers numerous tourist spots for your enjoyment. Check the link below for tourist information
Is there a place where I can leave baggage while touring the city?
Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal and Shinko Pier Cruise Terminal have coin-operated lockers inside the facilities. The three Tourist Information Centers (Yokohama Station, Sakuragicho Station, Shin-Yokohama Station) around Yokohama City also offer temporary baggage check-in and courier services.
Are there any money exchanges or ATMs nearby?
Check the link below for information on nearby money exchanges and ATMs