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* Updated February 2020

Day Trips (Nearby Attractions)

With Yokohama as your starting point, an incredible range of fun and fascinating sightseeing attractions can be reached within 90 minutes by train or bus.


Day Trips (Nearby Attractions)

Located just 30 minutes away from Yokohama by train, Kamakura is, like Kyoto, an ancient capital of Japan.
In the 12th century, the shogunate of Minamoto No Yoritomo began in Kamakura, the birthplace of a number of samurai families. Kamakura is replete with Buddhist and Shinto temples and shrines, creating a setting deeply infused with the ambience of medieval Japan. Here you’ll find Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, a shrine with a thousand years of history, as well as the five great gozan temples of Kamakura, built over 700 years ago. The natural environment here is also beautifully preserved, with cherry blossoms, bigleaf hydrangea, fiery red and golden leaves, or plums gracing your path, depending on the season.

Kamakura Tourism Association


Day Trips (Nearby Attractions)

Venturing a little farther afield, a 90-minute bus ride from Yokohama Station takes you to the famous geothermal spa region of Hakone.
Many of the attractions of Hakone have acquired worldwide popularity. Hakone Shrine is iconic, with its red torii gate that seems to float in Lake Ashinoko. Owakudani is wreathed in steam rising from natural hot springs. The Fujiya Hotel is enduringly popular, beloved by famous people from the crowned heads of Europe to Charlie Chaplin and John Lennon.
The entire Hakone region is known as “Hakone of the Seventeen Hot Springs” for its numerous hot springs, each with its own mineral profile. Make use of the many day-trip hot-spring facilities to enjoy your own hot-spring tour.

Hakone Tourism Association


Day Trips (Nearby Attractions)

Yokohama offers convenient access to Tokyo.
By train or bus, the nation’s capital is about 30 minutes away.
Sensoji temple, famed for its “thunder gate” adorned by paper lanterns, is 50 minutes from Yokohama by JR train and subway. Tokyo Skytree, the tallest building in Japan, can be reached in 60 minutes by the Keihin Kyuko commuter train. Shibuya, a famous trend-starting district that is offering new tourist attractions every day as extensive renovations continue, can be reached by the Tokyu Toyoko Line in just 30 minutes. A little further away is Tokyo Disney Resort, 70 minutes from Yokohama by train or bus.

Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau

Within Yokohama (southern)

Day Trips (Nearby Attractions)

From the cruise ship terminal, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is about 60 minutes away by JR and the Yokohama Seaside Line. This park’s attractions include Japan’s largest aquarium, interactive events with dolphins and fish and a roller coaster over the ocean, making Hakkeijima Sea Paradise the perfect spot for family fun.
Also on the Yokohama Seaside Line is Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama Bayside. Opening April 10, 2020, this factory outlet mall boasts 170 shops encompassing overseas brands, select boutiques and well-loved local shops. Add this mall to your itinerary to enjoy shopping as well as sightseeing.