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Designed with the concept of “an easy-to-access entertainment building”, this facility is an experience-based complex entertainment building with direct access from Yokohama Station.

The building was remodeled from what used to be an annex to the Yokohama Central Post Office and now offers various types of experiences in each theme-designated floor.

<Roof Floor> “SAL SPORTS PARK”, a multi-sport court on the roof of the building with two futsal (indoor five-a-side football) courts.
<4th floor> “HAPIPI LAND!”, an indoor playground, which will heighten children’s curiosity and stimulate their sensitivity, intelligence and senses in a natural way.
“Digital Hollywood STUDIO Yokohama”, a school for web design, video production, graphics, SNS, data analysis, and other web creativity essential for internet business.
“YOKOHAMA WORK SPACE”, a co-working space for computer work and teleworking, attached to Digital Hollywood STUDIO Yokohama.
<3rd floor> “ASOBIBA” is an indoor airsoft field with direct access to Yokohama Station.
<2nd floor> “YOKOHAMA COAST”, this multipurpose event floor for a variety of exhibition events and hands-on contents. Content changes regularly.
<1st floor> A gourmet-floor gathering Yokohama’s famous restaurants.
<B1 floor> The largest event space in the Yokohama station area “YOKOHAMA COAST garage+” was made by renovating the former garage of the Yokohama Central Post Office Annex.



Gare de Yokohama


All floors: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m. (Hours vary for each floor)


ASOBUILD, 2-14-9, Takashima, Nishi-ku Yokohama


Gare ferroviaire la plus proche

Accès direct via la sortie sud-est de Gare de Yokohama.
À 2 minutes à pied de la sortie est de Gare de Yokohama.