for Cruise Passengers




* Updated February 2020

Wi-Fi Spots

In this section we provide a list of the main free Wi-Fi hot spots near the cruise ship terminals.

Main Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots

Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi

This app makes it easy to connect to free Wi-Fi in areas across Japan. Free Wi-Fi hot spots near your current location are displayed on the app; to join, simply tap the Connect button.
You will need an e-mail address or social media ID to register.


This is a public wireless LAN service operated by the City of Yokohama.
In your smartphone settings, select Wi-Fi, then set Wi-Fi to ON.
Select SSID: YOKOHAMA Free Wi-Fi. Return to the home screen and open your browser. When the startup screen appears, tap the “Connect to Internet” button.
Join by entering an e-mail address or social media ID and agree to the terms of service. You can now use the service.

Cafés, Fast Food Outlets and Convenience Stores in Yokohama

Coffee-shop chains (Starbucks, Doutor), international hamburger chains (McDonald’s), major convenience-store chains and other retail chains throughout the city offer Wi-Fi services for customers to use on their premises. Terms and conditions vary, so please check with each outlet.