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The birthplace of Japan's first cocktail


Louis Eppinger, Manager of the Grand Hotel, invented Japan's first original cocktail called the Bamboo in 1889. Today, a large number or bars dot the city and the Yokohama, one of a few select cocktails that bear a Japanese city name, have become a popular drink.

City of jazz

City of jazz

Yokohama hosts live performances at its jazz halls and jazz clubs around the city and every year in October the city plays host to Yokohama Jazz Promenade, one of Japan's largest jazz festivals that attracts more than 100,000 music fans. If you're a fan of jazz, be sure to explore the city's happening live houses and jazz bars.
Jazz club and restaurant Motion Blue Yokohama, the sister location of Blue Note Tokyo.

Huge number of tap houses with microbrews and craft beer on tap


Yokohama is widely known as "beer city Japan". It is the birthplace of Japan's modern brewing industry (Kirin), it is home to several popular microbreweries, and has a remarkable number of tap houses. Its cocktail bartenders are also celebrated.