Yokohama Guided Walking Tour (8th)

Yokohama Guided Walking Tour (8th)

Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau will host the "Yokohama Guided Walking Tour" on January 20, 2024 (Saturday).

The Yokohama Guided Walking Tour is a guided tour aimed at allowing visitors to deeply understand the charm of Yokohama, as well as providing local residents with opportunities to rediscover the city.

Participants can explore the history, culture, and lifestyle of Yokohama. We hope that through this tour, everyone will be able to deeply appreciate the charm of Yokohama and enjoy their time in the city.

This is a walking tour which a local guide will show you culture, history, our favorite restaurants and fun spots to visit! During the tour, you can witness real life in Yokohama! This is perfect for solo traveler, first-timer in Yokohama!

The tour will be held in English!



Minato Mirai 21/Sakuragi-cho


January 20, 2024 (Saturday)
Start at 4:00pm
(Meeting Time: 3:50pm)

Lugar de encuentro

Meeting Place: In front of Sakuragicho Tourist Information Center




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