Make your tour of Yokohama a learning experience! Enjoying educational sight-seeing inYokohama

Make your tour of Yokohama a learning experience! Enjoying educational sight-seeing inYokohama

There are many corporate facilities that are open to the public, free of change where you can enjoy a learning experience. Some of the tours come with complimentary food and drinks. Adults and children alike can enjoy these tours.

Shin-Koyasu Station
-> Nissan Engine Museum
-> Shin Yokohama Raumen Museum
-> Kirin Yokohoma Beer Village

40 minutes from tokyo

From Tokyo
Tokyo Station (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line) -> Shin-Koyasu Station *Approx. 33 minutes Fare: Adults 380 yen, Children 190 yen

From Yokohama
Yokohama Station (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line) -> Shin-Koyasu Station *Approx.7 minutes, Fare: Adults 150 yen, Children 80 yen

*Take the bus from Shin-Koyasu Station: From the bus rotary depot in front of the station – Bus no. 19 ”Yokohama City Bus” bound for Shin-Koyasu Station west exit – Namamugi (bus) -> Takaramachi Dori Approx. 5 minutes Fare: Adults 210 yen Children 110 yen

1: Become an expert on cars!

This facility introduces the technology of Nissan Motors with a focus on engines. There are displays of real engines in addition to explanations of the mechanisms.

Nissan Engine Museum and Guest Hall

The Guest Hall was originally built in 1934, a year after Nissan Motors was founded. Then, it was the 1st building of the main office. After renovation, in 2002, the building was designated as a heritage building by Yokohama City. The building has also been designated as a heritage of industrial modernization in 2007 by the Ministry of Trade, Economics, and Industry. On display in the museum are new engines, miniature cars, and explanations on the mechanism in addition to industrial robots used in the factories. The same robots perform a drawing demonstration in the museum as well. The Nissan Engine Museum displays 28 units of engines since their first Type 7 engine produced in 1935.

Nissan Motor Yokohama Factory Tour

*Reservations necessary
From the “Engine Assembly Line” within the Yokohama Factory, the Factory Tour shows you the newest “MR type engine” (in-line 4 cylinder, 1800 cc/2000 cc). This engine was co-developed according to a development program with Renault. It features Nissan’s most up-to-date environmental technology. New production technologies are also on display. An “Experience Section” is placed within the tour course. At this section, you can feel the effort that goes into production on the engine assembly line through observing the simplified mechanisms on display. Tour participants can actively engage in a learning experience at this section. (*Reservation necessary)

1. Nissan Engine Museum and Guest Hall

23 minutes

2 hours

2: Eat and compare raumens from all over Japan!

Shin Yokohama Raumen Museum

The world’s first “food amusement park”. Raumen is the generic term for a popular Japanese noodle dish. This facility has 9 ramen eateries, allowing you to enjoy famous local ramen from all over Japan without having to board a plane. The ramen is also available in small portions so you can enjoy the variety.

23 minutes

3 hours

3: Taste freshly brewed beer after the factory tour!

Kirin Yokohama Beer Village

You receive a guided tour of a mini beer museum (ingredients, treatment, fermenting, storing, distilling, packaging processes covered). After the tour, you can enjoy freshly brewed beer for free. The red brick building “Pub Brewery” designed after beer breweries in early Meiji, you can order and taste original beer.

Beer Making Class

A workshop where you can learn and actively involve yourself in the first step of “treating” the ingredients is also available. Afterwards, Kirin Yokohama Beer Beverage takes over the process for you by adding yeast and fermenting the beer. Upon completion, your “hand-made” beer is sent to you. * For 20 year olds and over

Restaurant Beer Port

A beer restaurant with 6 different beers on tap, smoke-free BBQ, and Yokohama style western foods. In the summer months, a “BBQ Garden” is set up outside the shop, and you can enjoy beer straight from the brewery.

Pub Brewery Spring Valley

The red brick built “Pub Brewery” is designed after beer breweries in early Meiji. Being a brewery/pub hybrid, the original beer they have in stock is available nowhere else. Plenty of food on the menu to help you enjoy the beer!

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