The first “Cruising Immersive Theater” -The Wind Returns to The Sea-

The first “Cruising Immersive Theater” -The Wind Returns to The Sea-

The first “Cruising Immersive Theater” in Japan named “-The Wind Returns to The Sea- “will be deployed in the waterfront spaces of Yokohama including “Yoshida Shinden” which laid the foundation for the prosperous Yokohama today.

Please enjoy the history and the culture of the city of Yokohama over the first cruising immersive theater experience in Japan. You will cruise along the Ooka River and the Nakamura River, and you will relive the history of Yokohama.

It is produced by Dance Company DAZZLE, the pioneer of immersive theater in Japan, who has successful track records for both large-scale and permanent performances.

The land you see at the center of the city of Yokohama was once a part of the sea.

The wind crossing over the river tells a story that must not be forgotten.

In Edo period,
The reclamation work commanded by a person named Kanbei was confronting extreme hardship and was often hindered by river flooding by heavy rains.

There seemed to be no way out, and he was at a loss.
Then, a woman stood up to say.

“It has been said for many years that human sacrifice will bring divine protection and can settle the roaring river.”

The name of the woman was Osan.

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<Requests for the guests and reminder for clothing and outfits>
・Guests who are not feeling well, who are drunk and incapable, who are pregnant, who have serious injury such as fracture and who have any concern on own health are not allowed for entry.

・ Even if any guest starts to feel sick, it will be impossible for anyone to disembark during the performance. Therefore, those who have concerns about seasick should well be prepared.

・There is no restroom adjacent to the event venue, and guests should prepare for that for yourself. Although there is a temporary restroom on board, but it is not really recommendable.

・Beverages that are stored in bottles without lids are not allowed. And eating is also not allowed on board. We recommend rather water or tea since beverages with sugar may cause seasickness.

・Guests should be careful for getting on and off the ship to avoid accident. And since the ship may sway and the deck may be slippery even when the ship stays at the quay, we recommend easy-to move outfits and no-slip footwears. We do not allow shoes with heels and flip-flops.

・For the safety of the guests, it is obliged to wear life jackets. Please make sure to put on them when you get on the ship. We do not accept some clothing such as Kimono and others which may not be able to go with life jackets. And any guests who cannot wear life jackets will not be allowed to get on board, and the ticket will not be refundable for such cases.

・We cannot take care of the gifts and letters from the guests to the performers since the event venue unfortunately does not allow enough capacity for that.

・Please be seated after you get on board, and do not stand up. There are some low head clearance spaces for some of the wharfs, and it might have a chance to cause head injury. You should also be careful when you raise your hands.

・For your safety reason, please follow the instruction by the ship captain, event cast members and staff members from the time you get on the ship, during you stay on board until you get off the ship.

・Since the space is limited, we cannot keep any luggage for the guests. And also, the guest spaces are not large enough, so that guests can carry on only small sized bags to fit on the laps.

<Photo taking and SNS>
・Guests are allowed to use smartphone to take photos, but taking videos and recording sound is prohibited. Please also try not to block other guests’ view and try to refrain from annoying behavior.

・We kindly ask you to post your impressions on SNS with hashtag of #becomingthewindtoreturntothesea, #cruisingimmersivetheater and #DAZZLE .

We assume all the guests understand and agree with all the following statement before purchasing the tickets and visiting the venue to enjoy the event.

・The event will be carried out even under the weather of light rain, but it will be canceled in case of windstorm or stormy weather. In case any unforeseen circumstances occur to hamper the event management, the event organizer may cancel the event. (It will not be postponement.) By considering the weather forecast on the previous night of the event day, the predicted windstorm or stormy weather may force us to cancel the event. For such situation, the decision will be announced on the following website around 6p.m. of the previous night of the prospected event. Please note in advance.

Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau
Park Line Promotion Council

・The ticket fee will be fully refunded in the event of cancellation. However, other associated cost such as transportation cost, accommodation expense and other fees may not be compensated. Please kindly be noted. If you miss the ship and miss the event for your own reason, the ticket will not be refunded.

・We prohibit the reselling of the tickets for the purpose of making profit. Any person without reservation will be stopped and cannot go on board.

・Event cast members may change without advanced notice. The ticket will not be refunded for the reason of the change of the cast members.

・The performance this time is scheduled to be recorded in video format. Please also be noted.

・The youngster of preschool age are not allowed to join.

・Guests who are not feeling well, who are drunk and incapable, who are pregnant, who have serious injury such as fracture and who have any concern on own health are not allowed for entry. Since no one is allowed to get off the ship during the event performance, please make sure not to force yourself to join the event if you realize you have a fever, have a cough, and realize other symptoms before leaving home. We think that the physical condition is the top priority. We may have to stop your boarding at the entrance in worst case. And for such case, the ticket will not be refunded.

・After the designated departure time, no one is allowed to go on board, and the ticket is not refundable.

・Depending on the weather condition and the ocean condition, event organizer may consider the impact on the event, and may change the course. Please be noted.

・Beverages that are stored in bottles without lids are not allowed. And eating is also not allowed on board.

・Smoking is prohibited on board.

・It is not allowed to bring your pets on board.

・We are not responsible for stolen lost or damaged items of valuables.

・We are not responsible for the troubles between the guests.

・Injury, accident, falling into the water and any troubles caused by the guest’s own carelessness or neglecting the directions given by the ship captain, event cast members or staff members may not be compensated by the refunding, or any claim for damages may not be accepted.

・We are not responsible for the traffic accidents occurred during the trip to and from the event. Please be sure to make a safe trip.

・There is no parking space available. Please consider adjacent parking lots for your own risk.

・We will assist disabled guests. Please send inquiries to the event representative by using the address indicated at the bottom of this statement. We will decide the supporting arrangement by understanding the disability of each guest, and assist the guest to enjoy the event.

・Please check our official site before visiting the event since we are uploading any additional notes as needed to update.

<Staff Credit>
Producer ; KENJI MAEDA (Park Line Promotion Council)

Total direction ; DAZZLE



Choreograph and Lead Cast ;

Organizer ; City of Yokohama

Cooperation ; Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau, Kannai Kangai Revitalization Council, Park Line Promotion Council



มินาโตะ มิราอิ 21 / ซากุรากิ-โช


October 13th(Friday) - 14th(Saturday), 2023
6 sessions per day
Starting from: 11:00/13:00/15:00/17:00/19:00/21:00
* The performance time of each session is about 60 minutes and the cruising time of 30 to 40 minutes (consequently 90 to 100 minutes altogether)

[ Opening time ]
Reception opens 15 minutes before the event starting time, and admission follows according to the “descending order” of the seat number. After the departure time, no one is allowed to go on board, and the ticket is not refundable for such case. So, please make sure to have enough time allowance for your arrival.


A certain location in Minato-mirai area and Kannai Kangai area of Yokohama
*Embarkation point: Pier Nihonmaru
*Disembarking point: Pier Zounohana



If you have any inquiries, please send e-mail to
*It may take some time for us to reply. Please note.