The 42nd Yokohama Port Opening Festival - "Thanks to the Port 2023"

The 42nd Yokohama Port Opening Festival - "Thanks to the Port 2023"

The Yokohama Port Opening Festival, the largest civic event in Yokohama, celebrating the city's opening anniversary, will be held by the Yokohama Port Festival Executive Committee on June 2nd (Friday) and 3rd (Saturday), 2023.

For Yokohama, which has developed alongside its port, the opening anniversary on June 2nd is considered its birthday, and the 42nd Yokohama Port Festival will be held under the main theme of "Thanks to the Port" to celebrate the opening and express gratitude to the port. The sub-theme for this year's festival is "Connecting a Clean Sea to the World and the Future."

Furthermore, in line with Yokohama's aim to become a zero-carbon city by 2050, the festival will be conducted in a new format that takes into consideration the potential environmental impacts. This means that environmental considerations and sustainability will be incorporated into the activities and events of the festival.

The Yokohama Port Opening Festival will feature a variety of events and performances, providing an opportunity for locals and tourists to participate and enjoy the festivities. It promises to be a grand celebration befitting the opening anniversary of the port.



Minato Mirai 21 / Sakuragi-cho


June 2nd (Friday) and 3rd (Saturday), 2023