Posted on January 31, 2023

Enjoy Yokohama’s unique snacks that go well with beer!

If you enjoy Yokohama’s craft beer, why not enjoy it along the unique taste of Yokohama’s snacks?
Yokohama is home to a variety of chefs and long-established restaurants, so you can find different kinds of take-out food. They’re ideal to enjoy along craft beer.

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“Kakinotane” made to match beer.

1.Yokohama Beer Kaki
(Minoya Arare Seizohonpo)

Minoya Arare Seizohonpo, has created a special kakinotane for Yokohama, the birthplace of beer industry. They have been producing "arare" (cubic rice crakers) and "kakinotane" (small crescent-shaped rice crackers) in Yokohama for over 90 years since its establishment in 1929.
They use the finest ingredients, including meat extract, Sicilian sea salt, habanero, and aged sweet peanuts. Their factory shop is a must-visit spot in Kominato-cho, Naka-ku, where they sell their products.

Minoya Arare Seizohonpo

Enhancing the flavor with Yokohama-grown fresh chili peppers

2.Yokohama Mentai
(Yokohama Taniya)

Mentaiko (spicy cod roe) sold by Yokohama Taniya, a famous restaurant established 40 years ago, is a flavorful cod roe made by marinating cod roe carefully selected by fish roe professionals in a sauce descendent from Kyushu-Hakata, the home of mentaiko, and finishing it with fresh chili pepper locally grown in Yokohama. The texture of each grain and the spiciness of the chili pepper are so superb, they won an honorable mention at the "Yokohama Goods 001" awards in 2019, attracting attention as a new Yokohama specialty.
Be sure to visit the Yokohama Marine Factory - Yokohama Taniya Matsubara shopping street store, where you will find a lineup of freshly prepared side dishes.

Yokohama's classic food known nationwide.

3.Traditional Chinese dumpling (Kiyoken)

Kiyoken's nationally known Chinese dumpling (shumai) is a classic dish best described as "Yokohama at its best! It is a classic gourmet dish that has been a staple since its launch in 1928.
The "traditional shumai", made with a recipe that has remained unchanged since its launch in 1928, is characterized by the rich flavor of domestically produced pork and dried scallops from the Sea of Okhotsk, and is delicious even when cold. If you are visiting Yokohama, be sure to visit the Kiyoken main store located at the east exit of Yokohama Station. Only here you can find some of their unique original goods!

Luxurious salami using plenty of Yokohama beef.

4.Luxury salami made with domestic pork and Wagyu beef
(Yakiniku Okuu)

Just as jerky, salami is also a popular snack. But what if salami was made by a yakiniku restaurant? The answer is Yakiniku Okuu's "Luxury Salami made from Japanese pork and Wagyu beef". This salami, in pursuit of the best flavor, is made from a mix of Yokohama beef and Yamagata Ichiban pork, and is characterized by its light, fatty texture.
Be sure to visit the Yakiniku Okuu restaurants in Hongodai, Totsuka, and Shin-Yokohama as well.