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Yokohama Oktoberfest 2014

Yokohama Oktoberfest 2014The Munich’s world famous beer festival, “Oktoberfest” is taking place in the historic building of Yokohama Redbrick Warehouse located[…] see more

Yokohama Jazz Promenade 2014

Yokohama Jazz Promenade 2014Yokohama Jazz Promenade started from 1993 with the slogan “Let’s turn the entire city of Yokohama into a music stage”. It is the large[…] see more

Yokohama Motomachi Charming Sale Autumn 2014

Yokohama Motomachi Charming Sale Autumn 2014The street wide sale campaign on Yokohama’s traditional Motomachi Shopping Street takes place twice a year in February and September for 6[…] see more