Immerse yourself in Art and Culture

Immerse yourself in Art and Culture

From heritage buildings in the heart of the city to warehouses, offices, artist residences, and municipal designs based on art, there is plenty to see for the artistically inclined. For those who want a unique Yokohama ecperience.

Minatomirai Station (MM Line) Sakuragicho Station (JR Negishi Line)
-> Yokohama Museum of Art
-> Koganecho Bazzar
-> Don Quijote Hinodecho Store

30 minutes from tokyo

From Tokyo
Shibuya Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line *Minatomirai Line Direct) -> Minatomirai Station *Approx. 30 minutes, Fare: Adults 440 yen, Children 220 yen

From Yokohama
Yokohama Station (JR Negishi Line) -> Sakuragicho Station *Approx.2 minutes, Fare: Adults 130 yen, Children 70 yen

1: Experience modern art at Yokohama's most popular venues

Start touring Yokohama’s arty spots by starting from Yokohama Museum of Art. You’ll find displays by artists from Yokohama, surreal art, and photo art collections.

Yokohama Museum of Art

Inside you will find over 9700 art pieces. This collection ranges of pieces from late 19th century surrealist artists such as Dali and Ernst, and other art works by artists that have a connection with Yokohama. As the birthplace of photography in Japan, the Yokohama Museum of Art also has a fine collection of photo art. The museum is equipped with convenient facilities, including the information center/library, museum shop, cafe, and restaurant.

Cafe Ogurayama

Cafe Ogurayama is situated right next to the museum shop, allowing you to enjoy the art closeby. The café’s sandwiches are great, as is the ogurayama sundae, named on the menu after the shop itself. Limited menu items are also available depending on the exhibit at the time.


A French restaurant built within the Yokohama Museum of Art complex. The design is based on the image of a brasserie in the alleyways of Lyon.

20 minutes

2 hours

2: Enjoy a unique art experience at Koganecho

Koganecho once flourished as a red-light district. In an effort to rid that image, the town is restructuring a revival by art. This area promotes artistic works and projects by artists, architects, and designers that connect people. Studios under train tracks and modified restaurants double up as work spaces for artists, architects, and writers. On the second Sunday of every month, the studios hold an open studio day, allowing visitors to see special displays and how art is made. Exhibits and events are held irregularly.

Gallery & Shop Chirimenya

A gallery & shop that opened in the same space after a specialty Japanese clothing store. Here you can buy original artist design goods, containers, kanzashi hair pins, pencil/pen cases, stuffed animals, and other paraphernalia.

Koganecho Art Book Bazaar

A second hand book store that sells art, design, architecture, handcrafted goods, fashion, photo collections, art exhibit summaries, children’s books, posters, post cards, and a whole lot more of artsy things you can think of.

Arts & Crafts Stores

1. Koganecho Art Book Bazaar

Listening Room 2

The room usually plays music for customers coming to enjoy light meals and drinks. In the weekends and at night, there are live shows from selected artists.

nitehi works

A building that was formerly used as a bank and its interior renovated and now serves as a open space and cafe. This venue holds exhibitions, live performances, drama performance and various events panned and hosted by various creators and people who express themselves under the theme of “experiment, transmitting, and interaction”. It is also a cafe and bar where many types of people gather.

20 minutes

2 hours

3: Full of heritage buildings that promote art in Yokohama

The old warehouses along the seaside and the old bank built in 1929 that now serves as an art studio are just the right photo spots!

Yokohama Creativecity Center

The space is created after the Yokohama Branch of the former Daiichi Bank, a heritage building constructed in 1929. This is a base that supports creative activities and the mingling of artists. The YCC café on the 1st floor has a high ceiling with plenty of natural light. They serve excellent coffee. Works of artists active in Yokohama are sold at the YCC shop “Popo”. They will make great souvenirs.

YCC café

A cafe built within the Yokohama Creativecity Center complex. Enjoy light meals, coffee, and tea at this cafe.

10 minutes

4: Experience unique bars in the Noge and Yoshidamachi area!

The Noge area is known as one of the most popular bar towns in Yokohama. Yoshidamachi is renowed as a town of art. This area which is only 10 minutes by foot from Sakuragicho Station has an interesting mix of new and old shops (some from the pre-war era). Unique bars have been opening in the Noge and Yoshidamachi area recently. Enjoy a magnificent night out!

Bar de Nankyoku Ryourinin Mirai

The owner used to work as a live-in chef for a luxury cruise liner, and joined the south-pole expedition as the chef. Taking inspiration from the 70 plus countries he has visited, the restaurant offers a unique menu consisting of foods and beverages from exotic locales, including the foods he cooked while on the south-pole expedition. With some luck, you may be in for drinks with ice cubes imported from the Antarctic.

Canned food bar Kinkonkan

Enjoy 80 different kinds of canned food, from the standard cans to delicacies.The first thing that pops into view is the enormous variety of shelved canned food. Most of the finger food served here comes from canned food. However, there are some slight modifications to the ingredients after they have been raked out of the can. Kinkonkan stocks more than 100 types of alcohol, in addition to more than 30 types of fruit wines and Japanese sake.

1. Bar de Nankyoku Ryourinin Mirai

2. Canned food bar Kinkonkan

Don Quijote Hinodecho Store

General discount store Don Quijote Hinodecho is open till 5 in the morning, allowing you to enjoy shopping well after dinner time. Find an assortment of party paraphernalia, foods and beverages, cosmetics, daily expendables, clothes, leisure equipment, interiors, electronic appliances, accessories, and brand goods. You just might find a trendy item right in front of you.

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