Posted on January 31, 2023

Eight recommended breweries in Yokohama, the “city of beer”

Here are enlisted some of the recommended breweries in Yokohama, the "birthplace of Japan's beer culture”.


The name under the brewery name indicates the type of craft beer (beer style) that is mainly brewed.
The color of the band indicates the type of fermentation.  ...Ale ...Lager

Established in 1999, this is the first craft beer born in Yokohama!

1.Yokohama Beer

Yokohama Beer is the oldest craft beer brewery in Yokohama.
It has been brewing beer in Bashamichi since 1999, based on the concept of "taking care of people and producers in the beer-making process”. The brewery has a beer stand on the 1st floor and on the 2nd floor a restaurant called "Umayano-Shokutaku" that offers a variety of ways to enjoy beer.

They have 10 types of regular beers. “Yokohama Lager", with its exquisite hop-derived citrus aroma and robust bitterness, and "Seya's Wheat", made with wheat grown in Seya, Yokohama, are the most popular.
In December 2021, the company also started producing canned beer to "bring Yokohama Beer to even more people”. “The best thing about craft beer is all the different variety of flavors you can enjoy", says General Manager Mr. Yokouchi.

Brewers also continue to take on new challenges every day. The “Brewers Beer Series” is a popular series of beers that young brewers are let to experiment. with
The beers, as well as the illustrations on their labels, are all produced by young brewers. Truly “one of a kind” products.

Families can enjoy the restaurant "Umayano-Shokutaku" as it offers meals that children can also eat.
Popular menu items include the "Umayano potato salad," made with local ingredients that are served so you can prepare it yourself, and original sausages made by "Bier Bar BOUCHERE," a German restaurant located in Hakuraku.

Mr. Yokouchi hopes to turn Yokohama Beer into a hub to connect people in a variety of fields, including culture, art, sports, and education.
As the first craft beer created in Yokohama, Mr. Yokouchi is also implementing a unique project called "Beer Bike Tour" to let more people know about Yokohama’s craft beer.

The idea is to drink beer and visit Yokohama’s breweries while enjoying the view of the city on a "beer bike," which is a vehicle originated in the Netherlands that is pedaled by several people while drinking beer. This way promoting Yokohama as the “City of Beer” working in unison with local breweries.

Yokohama Beer
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Enjoy a spectacular view and make a toast with low alcohol beer


NUMBER NINE BREWERY, located in the corner of "Yokohama Hammerhead", has created the best starter beer under the concept of "refreshing & easy-to-drink!". Brewmaster Mr. Kengo Saito, who has experience brewing beer in New Zealand as well as in Japan, is responsible for the delicious beers.
“We want people to enjoy a variety of drinks, such as wine and gin, so we make low alcohol beers that are perfect as starters”, he says.

Among the low-alcohol lineup, "Number Nine Hazy," with its subdued bitterness and great aroma, is popular among young people. It won a gold award at the Japan Great Beer Awards 2022, the country's premier craft beer judging competition.
“Keys Pilsner”, which won the bronze award, is an easy-to-drink beer made with 100% domestic hops. Others such as seasonal beers, made with local mandarins and bitter orange that get disposed for being out-of-standard, can only be found at a specific time of the year.

The brewery is attached to the "New American and Craft" themed restaurant, “QUAYS Pacific Grill”. The main dining room, with an open kitchen at its center, offers a panoramic view of Minato Mirai. A wide space where adults can spend a comfortable time.

The brewery, with its large barrels lined up, can also be seen from the seating area. The most attractive feature of the brewery and restaurant is that you can enjoy freshly brewed beer from the barrels standing right in front of you. “Beer tastes best the moment it comes out of the barrels," says Mr. Saito.

At the restaurant, they serve burgers made with 100% beef patties, fried chicken with an original batter, and a variety of dishes made with carefully selected salmon and oysters from around the world.
The restaurant's unique charm lies in the fact that the beer and the food is made to go well together.

QUAYS pacific grill(NUMBER NINE BREWERY is located inside the restaurant)
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Try unique beer at a restaurant and bar with the night view of Yokohama


REVO BREWING is a craft beer studio created by Mr. Yoshiaki Kashino, representative of the mother company Triple R Co. Kashino's family owned a liquor store, and he used to help out by making deliveries, but he had a strong desire to make his own beer someday.

The bar serves 8 to 10 kinds of original craft beers on tap. With the concept of "special drinks," they offer a wide range of characteristic beers. The "Yokohama Iekei IPA," which looks hazy due to the abundant use of hops, has a pleasant texture, and together with its colorful fruit aroma, it has a reputation for being "addictive once you try it”. Other unique craft beers in the lineup include "KINACO," which is like drinking Shingenmochi rice cakes, and "Aloalo IPA", which is like drinking pink grapefruit.

Located in the Yokohama Bay area, this restaurant and bar with a brewery attached has a seating capacity of 300. In addition to the table seats where you can relax and enjoy your meal, there is also a bar counter where you can casually order drinks. Under the concept of "bringing quality craft beer closer to customers”, you can have unique beers while looking out at the lively cityscape of Yokohama during the daytime, or the night view during dinnertime.

One of the restaurant’s popular dishes is the sausages, made with great care by the chef. Having in mind that “if you are particular about the beer you make, you should also be particular about the sausages”, and after researching more than 100 kinds of sausages unable to find the perfect one, the chef decided to make his own sausages.

REVO BREWING continues to take on new challenges, and Mr. Daisuke Inagaki, general manager of Triple R Co. says “many customers may not know a beer that is not made by a major manufacturer”. “But as they drink craft beer, they’ll find that the world of craft beer is an interesting one!”

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A brew pub with a wide range of German, Belgian, and American flavors

4.Spica Brewing

Spica Brewing is located on Kitanakadori street, not far from Bashamichi Station, and is the brewery owned by Mr. Takahiro Nishino, who studied sake brewing at university.
Captivated by Belgian beer when he was a student, he decided he wanted to become a beer brewer. After training at the Baeren Brewery in Morioka and Yokohama Bay Brewing, he opened a restaurant in June 2018, and in 2019, he opened his dream brewery.
It is currently operating as a brewpub called "Brewpub Ergo bibamus".

Our goal is to create beer that is loved by the local community. Instead of chasing trends and maniac beer fans, we offer a wide range of craft beers, including delicate and easy-to-drink German beers, Belgian beers with a fruity aroma derived from fermentation, and American-style beers with a rich hop aroma.
“In summer, lagers and other refreshing beers are popular, while in winter, high-alcohol beers are more popular," says Mr. Nishino. Maki Takahashi, who oversees the restaurant, says, "We also offer beer in small glasses, so those who just want to try a few craft beers are welcome to do so”.

As a brewpub-style restaurant with a brewery, their major attraction is how customers can enjoy freshly brewed craft beer.
While watching the beer mature, we serve it "in the best condition we can recommend with confidence”.

Matching food and beer is also explored based on input from customers.
One of their popular dishes is the "Homemade Korokoro Hamburger steak made from 100% Japanese Black Wagyu" which is sure to whet your appetite for beer just by looking at it. It is served at half the size of a regular hamburger steak so that customers can enjoy it along beer and other dishes.

Mr. Nishino, whose true character and dedication is felt all over the brewery, says, “my goal is to create a place where people who are not necessarily fans of craft beer can casually come and here grow fond of craft beer”.
They’re worthy your visit so make your reservations via e-mail or through their social platforms.

Brewpub Ergo bibamus/Spica Brewing
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Enjoy the unique matching of beer and horse sashimi!

5.254BeeR & Restaurant

254BeeR & Restaurant is a brewery and restaurant where you can enjoy the unique matching of "beer and horse sashimi". After opening first in Kannai in August 2018, it reopened in 2021 in the town of Hakuraku.
“It's close to the train station and has a homey atmosphere," says Mr. Yoshinori Gojo, the brewery's head brewer. This brewery and restaurant attract many visitors, partly because of its easy accessibility, just a minute's walk from the station.

They boast a total of 8 kinds of beer. Through repeated trial and error, they are constantly trying to create new beers that are not bound by trends.
At first, they had only one type of beer available for takeout, but now they offer five to six types. “In the future, I would like to make high-alcohol beers," Mr. Gojo says.

Their signature beer is “Hakuraku IPA”.
It uses a lot of hops and has a fruity flavor with a strong bitterness, while offering scents of passion fruit, orange, and guava. “Sheep & Sheep”, a light beer with a scent of grapefruit and lemon, is another popular beer at 254BeeR.

The restaurant menu also offers a wide variety of dishes.
Especially the "Five Kinds of Horse Sashimi" is quite popular. Since the opening of the restaurant's sister restaurant, which specializes in Japanese sake and horse meat, 254BeeR & Restaurant has been offering this delicacy since its opening. Many customers come to enjoy the "unique matching" of beer and horse sashimi.

Mr. Gojo explains the process of making beer as, "a series of simple tasks”. “There is no fancy work, but that is what leads to delicious beer”.
He also shows his craftsman side, saying, "Naturally, though, we are committed in making the kind of beer we want to drink by carefully dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s”.

254BeeR & Restaurant
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A rare beer available through the fusion of American and Czech brewing methods!

6.Yokohama Bay Brewing

Yokohama Bay Brewing began in August 2011 with the creation of a beer pub near Kannai Station. In January 2012, they obtained the necessary license for beer brewing and developed its long-sought original beer. Since November 2016, their beer has been produced at their Totsuka factory.

Their signature beer, "Bay Pilsner," is a one of a kind made with the highest-grade Saaz hops from the Czech Republic, home of this beer. It is a rare style of beer that "not many people in Japan have tried”. It is a fusion of American and Czech brewing methods, which is said to be extremely time-consuming and labor-intensive. The beer produced this way is characterized by its distinctive caramel flavor.

Their Totsuka factory, where Yokohama Bay Brewing craft beer is produced, has just installed new tanks. Here, beer bottles are sold directly to customers only when staff is present at the factory.

Yokohama Bay Brewing Kannai main store, their own managed beer pub, is only a 4-minute walk from JR Kannai Station. With its chic and stylish storefront, here you can enjoy the atmosphere of the port city of Yokohama while sipping draft beer. On Saturdays and Sundays, the bar opens at 1:00 in the afternoon!

Mr. Shinya Suzuki, representative of Yokohama Bay Brewing, has been to the Czech Republic and the U.S. many times for training to create more particular beers. “We always offer about 10 kinds of craft beers at our directly managed stores, so we hope customers can compare between them and find their favorite one," he said.

Yokohama Bay Brewing, Kannai Main Store

A beer made by an England-born brewmaster!

7.TDM 1874 Brewery

TDM 1874 Brewery was established by “Sakaguchiya”, a long-established liquor store founded in 1874 in Tokaichiba, Midori-ku.
The name TDM 1874 comes from Ten Days Market (the meaning of Tokaichiba) and the year of its establishment. George, the England-born head brewer, carefully selects and purchases various hops and malts from around the world for each type of beer to achieve a unique taste.

One of their most popular beers is the British beer called "B.B.B. (British Best Bitter)" (left photo). George says, "I made this beer because it was not yet widely available in Japan when I first came”. It is made with malt and hops from England and easy to drink, thanks to its rich flavor and low alcohol content.
“IPA" and "Pale Ale" are also popular beers at TDM 1874 Brewery. The recipe for the "IPA" is still being arranged little by little, as the brewery is always looking for new and interesting hop aromas. There are currently 20 different recipes, and through the QR code on the beer cans you can check the recipe of the beer you’re drinking.

TDM 1874 Brewery also works with local farmers to develop beers using locally grown produce. Some of their popular beers include "Hamanashi Gose," made with the Yokohama brand pear "Hamanashi”.
In addition, "Agri x Beer," a collaboration beer with Sato Farm, a farm with over 100 years of history in the same Tokaichiba area, is also available as a gift to taxpayers as part of the "Furusato Nozei (hometown tax donation program)".

The BREW PUB is attached to the TDM 1874 Brewery store, and here you can enjoy draft beer from tap available nowhere else as well as special meals.
We recommend the Nashville Chicken, originally developed with the idea of "giving customers the impressive taste when trying it abroad”. The unusual hamburger, which uses beer-braised meat, is also a must-try. In addition to a variety of alcoholic beverages, local vegetables are also available for purchase.

The links between beer and food with the local community go beyond mere local production for local consumption.
Beer lees from the beer production process are upcycled at Sato Farm as compost for lemon groves, and the lemons produced using the compost are used to make beer again. Such a cycle has been created. TDM 1874 Brewery is a brewery that is committed to more than just taste.

TDM 1874 Brewery
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Craft beer rooted in the city, made by manufacturing professionals

8.Minami Yokohama Beer Laboratory

Minami-Yokohama Beer Laboratory is committed to making beer that not just beer enthusiasts, but everyone will find easy to drink. They aim to be the kind of place people who live in the city proudly boast about having near them.

Mr. Shoichi Arai, the brewery head and manager, used to work in the manufacturing industry.
A classmate from high school who owned a yakitori restaurant asked him to join him in a beer brewing business. After three years of preparation, they opened Minami Yokohama Beer Laboratory in April 2016.

They have 10 types of beer sold in bottles. Among them, their signature beer is "Pale Ale”. Designed to be easy to drink even for beginners with a less peculiar taste, it is "recommended as a gateway to craft beer", Mr. Arai says.

The beer hall attached to their facilities offers many dishes that go well with alcoholic beverages.
The boneless spareribs, which are cooked at a low temperature before grilling, is a popular dish. As well, rare Japanese sakes and wines carefully selected by Mr. Arai, who loves to drink, can also be found. Its easy-going atmosphere attracts even women customers who visit alone.

The brewery is a simple facility with a small amount of brewing. Therefore, the perfect environment for challenges.
As it influences on the beer taste, they take great care in each step of the brewing process without cutting corners. “The best part of drinking at the brewery is that you can drink freshly brewed beer. Since we only stock a small amount of beer, the barrels are replaced within a week, so you can have a brand-new draft beer!" Through these small quantities of draft beer, you can feel the brewery’s "gentleness" and "warmth".

Minami Yokohama Beer Laboratory
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