OTABISHO Yokohama Noh Theater

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OTABISHO Yokohama Noh Theater
OTABISHO Yokohama Noh Theater
OTABISHO Yokohama Noh Theater

As part of the activities of the Yokohama Noh Theatre while it is closed, “OTABISHO, Yokohama Noh Theater” opened on the 5th Floor of Landmark Plaza, Minatomirai.
Drop in to take a peek at “OTABISHO, Yokohama Noh Theater” and discover the classical traditional performing arts of Noh and Kyogen.

Here they have exhibitions ,lectures and workshops from the perspective of “seeing, knowing, experiencing, and learning.” The exhibition space will feature exhibits of Noh costumes, Noh and Kyogen masks, the musical instruments used in Noh, as well as a model of the Yokohama Noh Theater stage. Goods related to Noh and Kyogen that will be perfect as small souvenirs also be available for sale.

When you go to Minatomirai please be sure to stop by.



Minato Mirai 21 / Sakuragi-cho


11:00~20:00(open through year)





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Free / No reservation required