Christmas Events and Winter Illuminations in Yokohama 2019-2020

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Christmas Events and Winter Illuminations in Yokohama 2019-2020

In Japan, the streets are beautifully illuminated around Christmastime, starting from November and lasting through the New Year, ushering in a sparkling season. In Yokohama, too, tall Christmas trees are erected in popular tourist spots, and the glittering lights are accompanied by Christmas songs, spreading a Christmas mood. Some of these winter illuminations can be seen until Valentine’s Day or the Lunar New Year; so come to Yokohama this winter with your date, your family, or your friends, and experience the scintillating scenery unique to this time of year.

Minato Mirai 21

1. Christmas Market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 2019

1. Christmas Market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse 2019

The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse will hold the holiday event “Christmas Market in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse” from November 22 (Fri.) to December 25 (Wed.), 2019.

This year, the event motif is the Christmas market that takes place in Nuremberg, Germany, which is characterized by the wide variety of shops that it gathers. Here you’ll enjoy two different kinds of markets in one place. One that will appear at the Event Plaza with the concept of ‘German meat dishes & mulled wine’, and the other at the Red Brick Park that stands on the ocean side of the venue with the concept of ‘Seafood & Champagne’. You cannot miss it.



An evening art program synchronizing (SYNC) the city, the scenery, and the people of Yokohama.

Throughout the event period, special performances consisting of illuminations and searchlights around Shinko Chuo Hiroba (Shinko Central Square) and on the walls of surrounding buildings will be held four times daily.

These special performances will use a technology called "WebAR" which overlaps digital images on a real-life background shown in a smartphone camera to expand the world before your eyes.
Enjoy a dynamic performance featuring an AR world on your smartphone where the main stage projection, trees, and buildings of Shinko Chuo Hiroba all come together as an interactive AR experience.

When the special performance is not on, various visual content using projection and sensing technology are being played on the Shinko Chuo Hiroba main stage.

3. TOWERS Milight 2019 – Minato Mirai 21 All Office Buildings Light Up

3.TOWERS Milight 2019  – Minato Mirai 21 All Office Buildings Light Up

On the holy night of Christmas Eve, Minato Mirai will be shining brightly.

In this event, which lasts for just one day, all the office buildings in the Minato Mirai 21 area come together to turn the entire district into a single illuminated display. This year’s event will be held on the Christmas Eve,, on December 24 (Tues.).

All the office buildings in the district (total of 25) will be lit up for an illumination of the Minato Mirai area. Each year, this illumination of every building, which has become a Christmas season tradition, draws a large crowd of photography enthusiasts and visitors to the area. Don’t miss this once-a-year chance to enjoy the glittering night scenery.

4. Minato Mirai 21, Shin-Takashima, Yokohama Station-East exit area Yokohama Milaight “Luminous Town, shed light on the future”, Directed by NAKED

4.Minato Mirai 21, Shin-Takashima, Yokohama Station-East exit area Yokohama Milaight “Luminous Town, shed light on the future”, Directed by NAKED

The Yokohama Milaight Event Committee presents “Yokohama Milaight - Luminous Town, shed light on the future - Directed by NAKED” from November 14 (Thu.) 2019 to February 16 (Sun.) 2020. Under the theme stated in its name, this event will illuminate the Minato Mirai winter streets with colorful lights.

Covering a broader area than last year, this year the display of lights starts from Yokohama Station towards Sakura Street with a total length of about 1.5 kilometers. Also adding new interactive displays such as street pianos and graphic art, which can be enjoyed by everyone no matter what age.

The creative company NAKED, Inc. is in charge of the planning and direction. With the most advanced and largest displays of lights in Yokohama, the winter in Minato Mirai area will be filled with vivid colors.

5. The Landmark Christmas 2019 “Snowy white forest miracle”

5. The Landmark Christmas 2019 “Snowy white forest miracle”

“The Landmark Christmas 2019”, a Christmas event under the theme of a Nordic forest surrounded by white snow will be held at Yokohama Landmark Tower from November 14 (Thu.) to December 25 (Wed.), 2019.

During this event, a Christmas tree created in the image of a snow-covered forest, stands at Landmark Plaza 1st floor Sakata Seed Garden Square. On weekends, the snowfall event “Merry Snow Christmas” will be held also this year by popular demand, where staged ‘snow’ falls from the top of the 30-meter-high atrium.

Furthermore, the Dockyard Garden which is designated as important national treasure will be illuminated and will host the “Merry Snow Christmas Special Live” on November 30 (Sat.) and from December 21 (Sat.) to December 25 (Wed.) with a wide range of famous artists of all genres performing on stage.

6. MARK IS minatomirai Starlight Garden Christmas

6.MARK IS minatomirai Starlight Garden Christmas

The holiday event at MARK IS Minato Mirai, “Starlight Garden Christmas” will lighten up Christmas in bright colors from November 14 (Thu.) to December 25 (Wed.), 2019.

This year’s Christmas event is under the theme of “Starlight Garden”, with the desire to build the Christmas mood along their visitors and wish on stars for a more prosperous future. MARK IS Minato Mirai wishes to be connected to their visitors’ hearts and provide a space for them to share joy with their loved ones.

As the event main attraction, the experience-based "Starlight Garden Tree" stands on the 1st floor Grand Galleria. With a nostalgic look due to the light of lanterns, this tree changes the color of its interior lights when entering the front dome, making it a perfect photo spot wrapped in colorful bright lights.
You can witness the many expressions of the tree, as colors and patterns of lights that cover all the tree change depending of the time.

- Christmas Night Concert
You can enjoy live performances and choirs performing mainly Christmas songs. The lineup includes groups of chorus, jazz, classical music among other many variety of genres. You’ll enjoy the Christmas mood to its fullest through their beautiful tunes.

7. Queen’s Square Yokohama "Play hope Tree", a Christmas tree that plays for hope

7.Queen’s Square Yokohama ”Play hope Tree”, a Christmas tree that plays for hope

Queen’s Square Yokohama will hold the event “Queen’s Square Yokohama Christmas 2019” from November 7th (Thu.) to December 25th (Wed.), 2019.

As the new Reiwa era arrived with new expectations, a dynamic and gorgeous tree stands at Queen’s Square Yokohama, which is one of the main spots for tourism and entertainment in the Minato Mirai area.
Have a wonderful time along your loved ones under this Christmas tree that plays for hope.

Event dates:
Nov. 7 (Thu.) to Dec. 25 (Tue.), 2019
*Illumination displays: until Feb. 29 (Sat.), 2020
Illumination time:
Tree: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Show time: Seven, six times a day (5PM, 6PM, 7PM, 8PM, 9PM,10PM)
Illumination Display: 4:00PM - 12:00 Midnight

8. MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA Merry Mellow Xmas


The annual Christmas event “Merry Mellow Xmas” will take place in the open-air mall that faces Yokohama Bay, MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA from November 9 (Sat.) to December 25 (Thu.), 2019.

For this event which is celebrated for the fourth time this year and based on the concept of “sustainability”, a Christmas tree, made of sustainable materials, stands reflecting the theme of driftwood, green and old wood. Based on the image of its facility concept ‘American West Coast’, the event has as main theme the conflicting keywords of “POP” and “JUNK”. Made with recycled scrap wood and metals such as tin, original Christmas decorations of mixed POP colors will fill the venue, and the “Xmas MARKET” will give a merry atmosphere.

On weekends, a Christmas market will take place to uplift the holiday mood and unique shops that have as theme ‘Waste wood / West coast’ ‘Green’ ‘Natural’ as keywords will gather in MARINE & WALK YOKOHAMA. Shops such as ‘COLORFULIFE’ that sells interior goods using waste materials and driftwood, ‘SUMIKA’ that sells small accessories made with wood and deer leather, and ‘grenatred’ that sells leases made with natural plants. The perfect place to find the perfect Christmas gifts.

Chinatown / Yamashita Park / Yamate / Motomachi



The first display of lights ever in Yamashita Park will take place from November 21 (Thu.) to December 27 (Fri.), 2019.

This winter at Yamashita Park, the most famous park in Yokohama, a new garden of lights with the theme of roses will appear. In the rose gardens that throughout the year fascinate visitors, beautiful lights will bloom as flowers giving the gardens a magical atmosphere. With white and pink lights that reflect the image of roses and the glitter of falling snow, and mirror balls placed in the ground will romantically decorate the winter rose gardens. A special display will take place every day once every 15 minutes.
Yamashita Park, from where the harbor can be appreciated, is the perfect spot for all nationals, foreign tourists and citizens to take a stroll in its gorgeous and romantic winter gardens.

10. Motomachi Twinkle Christmas & Winter Illuminations 2019

10.Motomachi Twinkle Christmas & Winter Illuminations 2019

The classic and modern illuminated decorations featuring the soft tones of light bulbs bathe this 600-meter street in light. As well as the Twinkle Christmas Live Event, held each weekend in December, a London bus and green Santa will make their appearance between December 21 to 25! You can continue to enjoy the Winter Illuminations between December 26 to the end of February.

◆Motomachi Christmas Street Performance
Collaboratin of Street the Musical and Motomachi Shopping Street!
<Dates> Dec. 7(Sat.), 8(Sun.), 2019

◆Charity Green Santa
The traditional Charity Santa will appear this year too as a Green Santa Claus who wears green clothes.
Motomachi has a history of adopting the real thing from Europe so this Christmas, Santa will wear green clothes as an eye-catcher. He will be appearing on shopping streets to pose for photos with shoppers.
All donations will be used for making forests and helping educate children about forest environments.
<Dates> Dec. 14(Sat.), 15(Sun.), 21(Sat.), 22(Sun.), 23(Mon.), 24(Tue.), 2019

◆London Bus Exhibit and Ride
Double decker London bus will appear in Motomachi!
<Dates> Dec.21Sat,), 22(Sun.), 23(Mon.), 24(Tues.), 25(Wed.), 2019

11.Yokohama Yamate Western Style Houses - Christmas Around the World 2019

11.Yokohama Yamate Western Style Houses - Christmas Around the World  2019

In the seven Yokohama Yamate Western-style buildings, we present the Christmas traditions from seven different countries.

Here you will experience the Christmas world through different kinds of Christmas decorations and workshops characteristics of each country.

You can enjoy until December 31 the illuminations that color the buildings since dusk, and also the Yamate Italia-yama Garden will be enveloped by the dreamy light of 2,000 candles during the "Garden of Candles" event that will take place only for one day, December 21 (Sat.).

12.Yokohama Chinatown Chinese New Year Lanterns 2020

12.Yokohama Chinatown Chinese New Year Lanterns 2020

The “Latern Festival” in Yokohama Chinatown has as its theme the Chinese saying “Gofukutomon: for all kinds of happiness to enrich everybody’s lives”, and its represented by the combination of illuminated chords in which lamps, paper lanterns and red LED lights shine dying the streets of Chinatown to its characteristic red color. Two lantern-dragons dancing on the night sky of Chinatown can be appreciated. The one on Chinatown Main Street is one of the largest existing in Japan, and the other one, cute and small, will appear in Kanteibyo Street. What’s more, in each street red paper lanterns and other kind of lights typical of the Spring Festival shine too, giving the urban landscape of Yokohama Chinatown a tone even brighter than the usual.

kannai / bashamichi / isezakicho

13.Isezaki Mall "Isezaki☆Light"

13.Isezaki Mall

The shopping mall ISEZAKI MALL in Yokohama holds the annual illumination event “Isezaki☆Light” from October 25, 2019 (Fri.) to January 31, 2020 (Fri.).

Heart-shaped snowflakes and other colorful figures that bright in geometric patterns decorate the 400-meter long mall in a romantic manner. An impressive ‘corridor of lights’ made of 10 figures, along 2 heart-shaped illumination units that represent happiness and love can be appreciated this year too.

An eco-friendly display of 70,000 LED lights recreate a winter atmosphere. This event that celebrates its 17th year, is now a winter tradition of ISEZAKI MALL.

Yokohama Station

14.Yokohama Bay Quarter Christmas Light Garden

14.Yokohama Bay Quarter Christmas Light Garden

Yokohama Bay Quarter will hold the holiday event “Yokohama Bay Quarter Christmas Light Garden” during Christmas season from November 2 (Sat.) to December 25 (Wed.), 2019.

As Yokohama Bay Quarter reaches its 14th Christmas, this illumination event is created under the theme of “Santa Claus’ Garden”. In the plaza that has on its background the bay area night view, an 8-meter tall Christmas tree will stand.

Illuminated by 15,000 lights, this natural tree that irradiates a unique power and warmth, creates a classic Christmas atmosphere for all those who wish in their hearts for such a Christmas.

The tree illumination program includes “Champagne Spark”, a first-ever display of lights that sparkle in the middle of the dark. Also, the famous light display that takes place at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, will take place here every hour on the hour.

Furthermore, the 6th floor roof garden and bay garden will also be lit up based on the theme “Santa Claus’ Garden”. Turning both gardens into a set just like Santa’s house where you’ll be able to take photos.

15.Around Yokohama Station East Exit Falling Star Terrace – Wish Upon a Star –

15.Around Yokohama Station East Exit Falling Star Terrace – Wish Upon a Star –

A new illuminated display has come to Yokohama Station East Exit’s Hama Terrace this year! Experience for yourself a world in which it seems that myriad stars have been scattered everywhere. “Shooting stars,” which appear in the night sky at irregular intervals, make the mood even more dramatic. In addition, illuminated objects of the Moon have been installed around the venue, allowing you to take the fantastic and photogenic pictures you would expect of Christmas light displays.

Locations: Yokohama Station East Exit, Hama Terrace (Sky Building/Yokohama Shintoshi Building 2F Pedestrian Deck)

Kanazawa / Southern Area

16.Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Mystical Island

16.Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise Mystical Island

A magical illumination event “Mystical Island” will unfold covering all Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, with a display of lights in various places of the island from November 1, 2019 (Fri.) to February 29, 2020 (Sat.).

This year, under the theme of “sea world of brilliant colors,” light figures of up to 4 meters tall in the image of dolphins, whales, polar bears, penguins, etc. will gather around the “Brilliant Tree” that stands in the square in front of the Aqua Museum as the main attraction of the illumination event, which extends to every corner of the island coloring it brightly.

The “Brilliant Tree”, a huge tree-shaped octagonal display of lights of 8 meters tall that appears floating in the air, and a brilliant belt of lights of 24 meters wide installed above the tree, create a dazzling atmosphere for all visitors.

What’s more, a tunnel of lights with a total length of about 100 meters will appear, and the attractions such as "Viking" and "Merry-Go-Round" in Pleasure Land and the newly installed “Sea Paradise Tower” and “Huge 3D Maze Sea” will be lighted up, transforming Sea Paradise into an island of lights that bright magically in the night.

In addition, you can enjoy of drinks while watching the dolphins swim freely at the winter-limited lounge, and the marvelous night show “LIGHTIA” that features the latest technology along a dolphin show of high level of difficulty. You cannot miss the opportunity of enjoying such photogenic nights at Sea Paradise.