Playing sports in Yokohama

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Playing sports in Yokohama

Yokohama is popular for holding a variety of sports events, from those attracting the world's top athletes like the FIFA World Cup 2002 and the World Triathlon Championship Series Yokohama, to many other events that allow anyone to join as the Yokohama Marathon, the Yokohama Beach Sports FESTA, etc.
Recently, after holding the 2019 Rugby World Cup finals among other sports events, the city of Yokohama is set to become more and more exciting in terms of sports. Here, you will surely discover something new by watching professional teams playing, or by enjoying a sport in between sightseeing or in your free time in the morning or evening during your stay.

Easy and fun sports experience in Yokohama

Running - Jogging

Running - Jogging

A long as you have running shoes you can easily enjoy running even on a trip, and that is one of the biggest appeals of running. It can help you lose weight, relieve stress, and refresh your body and mind, so why not try running before breakfast, after a full day of sightseeing, or from the evening through the night? It's also fun to simulate the annual "Yokohama Marathon" by running part of its actual course! Running through the historic port city of Yokohama and its open bay area while feeling the sea breeze is an experience unique to Yokohama.

Recommended Running Courses and Spots

  1. Rinko Park - Red Brick Warehouse – Kaiko Promenade - Yamashita Park ROUTE
    Starting from Rinko Park, head for the Red Brick Warehouse with the ocean on your left. The final goal is Yamashita Park via Kaiko Promenade. You’ll enjoy running along the bayside feeling the pleasant breeze. We also recommend a night run while enjoying the night view of this course, which is also used for the Yokohama Marathon and triathlons.
  2. Yamashita Park - Harbor View Park (Minato-no-Mieru Oka Koen) - Yamate Western-style buildings -Motomachi ROUTE
    Starting from Yamashita Park, pass through the Metropolitan Expressway and enter Harbor View Park. This course takes you along the Yamate Western-style buildings such as the Bluff No.111 and the Ehrismann Residence, and then on to Motomachi. The course has ups and downs making it suitable for those who have stamina, but you can also run while enjoying the sea breeze and history of Yokohama.
  3. Negishi Forest Park
    This park, located 13 minute walk from “JR Negishi Station”, was built on the former site of Negishi Racecourse, which was Japan's first full-scale horse-racing track. A 1.3-km circuit course surrounds a gently undulating lawn. Visitors can enjoy running amidst each season’s scenery. The park's rest house is also equipped with shower rooms and coin lockers.
  4. Shin-Yokohama Park
    Located 15-minute walk from “Shin-Yokohama Station”, this park is adjacent to Nissan Stadium and is equipped with tennis courts, a baseball field, and an athletic field, among other facilities. It has a running map that helps you choose from a 5-km model course to a 940-meter entry-level course according to your fitness and running ability. On fine days, the park offers spectacular views of Minatomirai and Mt. Fuji. Rest houses scattered throughout the park are equipped with changing rooms, coin lockers, and shower facilities.
  5. Marine Park (Umi no Koen)
    The only park in the city where visitors can swim in the sea, about 2-minute walk from “Uminokoen-Minamiguchi Station”, “Uminokoen-Shibaguchi Station”, or “Hakkeijima Station” on the Kanazawa Sea Side Line. There is a 2-km long jogging course and a reflexology foot path inside the pine forest. These courses allow visitors to have a pleasant sweat working while enjoying the ocean, greenery, and the changing seasons.


Cycling Cycling

Cycling along the historic streets of the city while feeling the sea breeze is a pleasant experience. Yokohama offers a variety of services that make it easy to enjoy cycling, such as bike rentals and guided cycling tours. You can rent a bicycle here and there throughout the city and return it wherever you like. This is a service that you should definitely know of, as it is also useful when visiting tourist spots.

Bicycle Rental

Click here for details on bike rentals

”Cycle Travelation” offers guided cycling tours. The participation fee includes a ferry cruise. You can rent different kinds of bicycles such as sports bicycles (cross bikes and road bikes) and other bicycles rarely seen. Even if you are not familiar with sports bicycles, the staff will be happy to give you detailed instructions.

Cycle Travelation

Meeting place 2F, 1-11-8 Okano, Nishi-ku, Yokohama
Phone Number 045-550-4993

Sea Kayak - Canoe Polo

Sea Kayak - Canoe Polo Sea Kayak - Canoe Polo

A sea kayak is a type of canoe (kayak). It is a general term for a boat that can be lifted and moved by a person, and the person rows it using a paddle with a water rake on both ends. Although it looks difficult at first, lately it has become a popular water sport because even beginners can easily enjoy it. Sea kayaking classes are held at the Nipponmaru Memorial Park. Classes for adults are held year-round, while children's classes are offered only in spring and summer. Canoe polo is a sport played on the water in a canoe, similar to a combination of handball and basketball. Some classes held for elementary and junior high school students, invite active players as instructors. These classes are especially recommended for those who want to have a different kind of experience in Yokohama, where they can enjoy looking out over the city while floating on the water.

Around Nipponmaru Memorial Park

Meeting place In front of Nipponmaru Sea Kayak Park
(Reception desk is in the white shed in front of Tower C)
Phone Number 045-221-0280

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

Ice skating is often thought of as a winter sport, but Yokohama has two indoor skating rinks in Shin-Yokohama and Higashi-Kanagawa where ice skating can be enjoyed all year round. During spring break, year-end and new-year holidays, the Yokohama Bank Ice Arena offers free "One-Point Lessons" on weekends, which anyone can participate without reservation. In addition, every winter, a special outdoor rink, "Art Rink," is set up in the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse. This "interactive" art event is a fantastical event in which different artists display their space production each year.

Yokohama Bank Ice Arena

Address 1-1, Hirodai-Ota-machi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama
Phone Number 045-411-8008

Shin Yokohama Skate Center

Address 2-11 Shin-Yokohama, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama
Phone Number 045-474-1112

Swimming pools

Swimming pools

Swimming pools are great to be enjoyed not only in summer, but also when traveling. At Nissan Water Park, located under the East Gate stand of Nissan Stadium, visitors can play in heated flowing pools and water slides regardless of the season or weather. Equipped with a Jacuzzi and other amenities, it is a facility that both children and adults can enjoy all day long.

For serious swimmers, we recommend the Yokohama International Swimming Pool in Tsuzuki-ku, where world championships are held. The main pool, an internationally certified 50-meter pool, is open during the summer season.

Yokohama International Swimming Pool

Address 7-3-1 Kitayamada, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama
Phone Number 045-592-0453 (main phone number)

Nissan Water Park

Address 3302-5, Kozukue-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama
Phone Number 045-477-5040

Beach Volleyball - Beach Sports

Since Yokohama is a port city, various beach sports can be enjoyed on its sandy beach. The appeal of beach sports is that you can casually participate in them with your friends and family. Beach volleyball, beach tennis, and other beach sports are great ways to soak up the sun and exercise on the sandy beach. At Marine Park (Umi no Koen) in Kanazawa-ku, there are beach volleyball courts and a beach sports square where visitors can play beach soccer, among other sports. The "Beach Sports FESTA" is a summer tradition in Yokohama, where many participants compete in heated games.

Marine Park (Umi no Koen); Beach Volleyball courts and Beach Sports Square

Address 10, Umi no Koen, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama
Phone Number 045-701-3450

Enjoy sports events in Yokohama!

March Yokohama City Walk

This event is a walking tour of Yokohama's cityscape and tourist attractions, with various courses of 10 km, 15 km, 20 km, and 30 km available for both children and adults. Participants can take free side trips along the way so they can fully enjoy Yokohama in the springtime.

Date Usually in mid-March
Venue Various locations in the city

May World Triathlon Championship Series YOKOHAMA

World Triathlon Championship Series YOKOHAMA

The World Triathlon Championship Series YOKOHAMA was held in 2009 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the opening of the port of Yokohama. Top athletes from around the world gather to run through the streets of Yokohama, aiming for the world’s first place. A triathlon is an endurance event in which each athlete competes in three events: swim, bike (road cycling race), and run (long-distance running).

Date Mid-May
Venue Special station around Yamashita Park (start and finish at Yamashita Park)

July YOKOHAMA Beach Sports FESTA

The Beach Sports FESTA is Yokohama's most popular summer sports event. Four beach-related sports (beach handball, beach tennis, beach volleyball, and beach soccer) are held at "Marine Park (Umi no Koen)", Yokohama's only beach. Events such as "Beach Ring Toss" and "Beach Treasure Hunt" are also held and anyone can participate free of charge and without prior registration.

Date From end of July to beginning of August
Venue Marine park (Umi no Koen)

October Yokohama Marathon

Yokohama Marathon

A full marathon event that started in 2015, for citizens to participate in. Runners are welcomed by a course that takes them around tourist attractions in the center of the city and along the Metropolitan Expressway, where they can enjoy the scenery of the port city of Yokohama. At 18 water stations located along the course, runners enjoy cheering performances, and local foods from Yokohama and Kanagawa are served for good luck. The first and second editions of the race were held in March, but from the third edition (2017), the race is held in October during fall.

Date October since 2017
Venue Main venue: Pacifico Yokohama

October Yokohama Genki! Sports Recreation Festival

The “Yokohama Genki! Sports Recreation Festival" (commonly known as "SpoRec") is held every year in fall, the sports season, around the "Sports Day" national holiday. Held from September to November at facilities throughout the city, the festival is full of events anyone can casually participate in. Why don't you try a sport that you are good at, or a sport that you have never experienced before?

Date Main event: Sports Day (mid-October), other events: from September to November
Venue Sports facilities throughout the city