Welcome Rugby Fans!

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Welcome Rugby Fans!

Yokohama cordially welcomes rugby fans from around the globe.

Yokohama, the city through which rugby entered Japan, has been chosen as the venue for the Rugby World Cup 2019. A total of seven matches including the final match and both semi-finals of this historical tournament will be played in the International Stadium Yokohama.

This is a golden opportunity to watch matches played by the world’s top athletes with breath-taking excitement from up close. Come, take part in all the fun and exhilaration with us in Yokohama!

International Stadium Yokohama

International Stadium Yokohama

The matches will be played in the International Stadium Yokohama in Shin-Yokohama.
This stadium with its natural grass field is among the largest stadiums in Japan, with a seating capacity of around 70,000. The stadium was in the spotlight as the venue of the FIFA World Cup 2002 Final and it has hosted a number of major events since then.

Address 3300, Kodukue-cho, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama
  • 《From Tokyo St.》 Tokaido Shinkansen (Bullet train/15 min.)
      to "Shin-Yokohama St." (14 min. walk to Stadium)
  • 《From Yokohama St.》 Municipal subway Blue Line (12 min.)
      to "Shin-Yokohama St." (12 min. walk to Stadium)
  • 《From Yokohama St.》 JR Yokohama Line (15min.)
      to "Kozukue St." (7 min. walk to Stadium)

Actions Outside the Stadium - Pre & Post Rugby Fun!

Actions Outside the Stadium

Can’t get the tickets for your favorite team?
Wanna celebrate your victory or commiserate a tough loss after the match?
Here are couple of ideas where to cheer for your favorite team with the rugby fans from around the globe.

The Rugby fans can enjoy the exciting atmosphere with the live screening of the matches on big screen at the Fanzone located at Rinko Park. Entry to the Fanzone is free but the opening dates are limited, so be sure to check the dates before your visit.

Another option is gathering at the sports bars and pubs around Yokohama. Enjoy local fresh craft beers and food while cheering for your favorite team. Noge, the neighborhood that never sleeps, located just 15 min. walk from the Fanzone and just 15 min. train-ride from the International Stadium Yokohama, hosts a plethora of small bars & restaurants that are tightly packed.

Free Shuttle Bus Service (3 Routes)

On the designated days, a free shuttle bus service will be provided for the rugby fans to make the most out of your visit.


  • Chinatown and Noge bus stops are only for the drop-offs.
  • Anyone can ride the bus for free, but the bus capacity is 45 people.
  • It will be on a first-come, first-served basis and you may not be able to board the bus if it is full.
  • Service dates and schedules are subject to change without notice.
  • Service may be canceled or delayed depending on the traffic, weather or other causes.
  • In case of cancellation or change, the latest information will be announced on Twitter(@rugby_shuttle

Secretariat of Free Shuttle Bus Service for Rugby Fans
TEL: 080-9440-0905(3:00 pm - 11:00 pm *Only on the bus service dates.)

Route ① (one-way shuttle bus) From Shin-Yokohama
Route Departs  fromShin-Yokohama
Required time50 minutes
Shin-Yokohama ⇒ Chinatown ⇒ Noge
Operating days 9/21 (Sat), 9/22 (Sun), 10/12 (Sat), 10/26 (Sat), 10/27 (Sun), 11/2 (Sat)
Operating schedule

Download Schedule(PDF)

Route ② (one way shuttle bus) From Rinko Park
Route Departs  fromRinko Park
Required time40 minutes
Rinko Park ⇒ Chinatown ⇒ Noge
Operating days 9/20 (Fri), 9/21 (Sat), 9/22 (Sun), 9/28 (Sat), 9/29 (Sun),10/5 (Sat), 10/6 (Sun), 10/12 (Sat), 10/13 (Sun), 10/19 (Sat), 10/20 (Sun), 10/26 (Sat), 10/27 (Sun),11/1 (Fri) 11/2 (Sat)
Operating schedule

Download Schedule(PDF)

Route ③ (Loop Bus) From Rinko Park
Route Departs  fromRinko Park
Required time1 loop about 80 minutes
Rinko Park ⇒ Chinatown ⇒ Sankeien Garden ⇒ Rinko Park
Operating days 10/27 (Sun), 11/2 (Sat)
Operating schedule

Download Schedule(PDF)

Boarding / Drop-off Location

Shin-Yokohama (Route ①)

Boarding LocationIKEA store bus stop
(2 min. walk from JR Shin-Yokohama West Exit)

Rinko Park (Route ②③)

Boarding/Drop-off LocationCrossing of PACIFICO Yokohama-mae
(5 min. walk from Minatomirai Station)

Chinatown (Route ①②③)

Boarding/Drop-off LocationChinatown Parking
(5 min. walk from Motomachi-Chukagai Station)

Noge (Route ①②③)

Drop-off Location In front of Cheruru Noge Shopping Mall
(5 min. walk from Sakuragicho Station)

Sankeien Garden (Route ③)

Boarding/Drop-off LocationSankeien Garden Parking

Fun Events for Rugby Fans

Fun events will be held in the shopping districts such as Chinatown, Motomachi, and Noge.

Things of interest around the Stadium

Things of interest around the Stadium

The area around the Shin-Yokohama Station also boasts other stadiums that host large-scale events, such as the Yokohama Arena. It has a number of hotels that target visitors, providing many options for affordable yet comfortable accommodation.

On the way from the Shin-Yokohama Station to the International Stadium Yokohama is the Shin Yokohama Raumen Museum, a food-themed amusement park with rows of ramen shops offering a wide selection of ramen noodles.

The Cubic Plaza Shin-Yokohama adjoining the station hosts outlets of major electrical appliance stores, a fashion floor, restaurants, and hotels. Nearby are a wide range of other facilities that ensure a visitor never gets bored, including the Prince PePe hotel and shopping plaza, the Shin Yokohama Skate Center, and the Water Park pool facility.

Shin-Yokohama is mere 15 min. train-ride from central Yokohama, such as Minato Mirai 21 area where the Rinko Park, the venue for the Fan Zone is, one of the world’s largest Chinatown, and the Noge district with over 500 restaurants and pubs.

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