Services d'urgence / Police de Yokohama


Accidents et crimes (numéro d'urgence : 110)

If you are in danger, or in other emergencies, call the emergency telephone number “110” for police assistance. English operator is available 24 hours a day.

Police Stations and Boxes

The Police Stations and Boxes play an important role in Japanese life. Police boxes are usually located near train stations, in busy areas, and in residential areas.
Les agents de police des bureaux satellites effectuent généralement des patrouilles jour et nuit. Leur travail comprend la prévention du crime, la localisation et l'arrestation des criminels afin de maintenir la sécurité dans la région. Les policiers sont également heureux de vous orienter si vous êtes perdu ou si vous ne trouvez pas une adresse.

Police Stations around Yokohama and Kanagawa

Ambulance & Rescue

Accidents, Sudden illness, Fire (Emergency Number: 119)

If you require an ambulance due to an accident or sudden illness, call the emergency telephone number "119". Also call "119" in case of fire. English operator is available 24 hours a day.

An operator in commanding section will have the fire engine or ambulance dispatched as they receive the site and other information from your 119 emergency call. Please refer to the Yokohama City official website below for more information on how to call and inform about a fire or ask for an ambulance.

Dialing 119 in a foreign language (Yokohama City Official Website).

Guide for when you are feeling ill (Japan National Tourism Organization)

  • Search Medical Instructions
  • How to use Medical Institutions
  • Symptoms and Treatment
  • Travel Insurance

*Select “Kanagawa” as Area for information on Yokohama (Yokohama is the capital city of Kanagawa Prefecture)

En cas d'urgence

Safety tips for travelers (Japan Tourism Agency)

This website provides international tourists in Japan with information about safe travel.

  • Weather Information (Daily forecasts)
  • News (Japan’s latest news on website in English)
  • Avertissements et avis météorologiques
  • My Location from Google Maps (Check your present location)
  • Moyens de transport
  • Contact List (Embassies, News media, Guide for when you are feeling ill, etc)
  • Conseils utiles pour vous protéger d'une catastrophe
  • In the event of an emergency (Procedures to follow during disaster)
  • Communication Cards
  • The App “Safaty tips” for foreign tourists

Disaster Prevention Information (Yokohama City)

  • Procédures d'urgence en cas de tremblement de terre (guide)
  • Avertissement précoce en cas de tremblement de terre
    The Earthquake Early Warning is broadcasted with warning chime on TVs and radios in a matter of seconds (i.e. 1-2 20-30 secs.) before strong tremors hit the area.
  • Informations météorologiques et sismiques
  • Water Disaster Prevention Information
  • Liste des refuges de la ville de Yokohama
    The list of evacuation areas in case of the earthquake disaster in Yokohama.
  • Liste de diffusion pour la prévention des catastrophes

Important Notices After the Disasters (JNTO)

Latest news and important notices from Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

The App “Safety tips” (JNTO)

The push-enabled information alert app for foreign tourists