Have a romantic date at Yokohama

Have a romantic date at Yokohama

Visit the romantic spots of Yokohama and enjoy the services that cater to couples.

Motomachi-Chukagai Station (MM Line)
-> Romantic Lunch & Yokohama China Town
-> Sankeien Garden & Yokohama Marine Tower
-> Minato Mirai Manyo Club

40 minutes from tokyo

From Tokyo
Tokyo Station (JR Tokaido Line) -> Yokohama Station (Change to JR Negishi Line) -> Ishikawacho Station *Approx. 40 minutes Fare: Adults 540 yen, Children 270 yen
Shibuya Station (Tokyu Toyoko Line *Minatomirai Line Direct) -> Motomachi-Chūkagai Station *Approx. 40 minutes, Fare: Adults 460 yen, Children 230 yen

From Yokohama
Yokohama Station (JR Negishi Line) -> Ishikawacho Station *Approx.7 minutes, Fare: Adults 150 yen, Children 80 yen, Yokohama Station (Minatomirai Line) -> Motomachi-Chūkagai Station *Approx.7 minutes, Fare: Adults 200 yen, Children 100 yen

1: Romantic Lunch in Momotachi

Have a romantic lunch at a French restaurant in Motomachi that is often used also as a wedding venue.

The traditional French restaurant “Mutekirou” lets you feel the history in Yokohama, while serving fantastic French cuisine in a tatami room(Japanese Traditional Room). The venue is also popular for wedding proposals.


A well-established French restaurant that opened in 1981. Fresh vegetables from local farms are used to infuse a Yokohama quality to traditional French fare.


A slow 5 minutes


2: Yokohama China Town

If you’re looking for spiritual matchmaking, this is the place to go!

It’s the first building you see on your left as you pass through the bright red south gate of the China Town, the Suzaku Gate. “Holy Mother of the Heaven”, which is generally called “Ma Zhu”, is known as a Taoist goddess of the sea, protecting people from natural disasters and diseases. She is said to have been a real existing person, approximately 1000 years ago in China. Here you will also find Yue Xia Lao Ren, the Chinese match making deity in addition to other deities that symbolize fertility and smooth birth. On July 7th of every year, a “matchmaking festival” is held, inviting more and more people in search of their romantic destinies.

Yokohama Ma Zhu Miao (Shirine of Heavenly Empress)

“Holy Mother of the Heaven”, which is generally called “Ma Zhu”. She is said to have really existed in Chinese history. She is the deity of safe sea-faring, in addition to patron deities of academics, child rearing, ease of birth, and match-making are worshipped here. Yue Xia Lao Ren is also said to improve relationships in general – not just love affairs.

20 minutes

(4 minutes on foot) Yamashitacho Bus Stop
-> (15 minutes) Yokohama City Bus Rroute 8/route 148 Honmoku Sankeien-mae (Adults 210 yen, children 110 yen)
-> 3 minutes on foot

3: Sankeien Garden

The Sankeien Garden relates to a legendary love story told 800 years ago – a great place for couples to visit (or for fulfillment in Love).

The Sankeien Garden was originally the residence of businessman Hara Sankei. Hara prospered as a silk merchant, but forfeited his fortune after the Great Kanto Earthquake for recovery efforts in Yokohama. Apart from being a symbol of matchmaking, the Yokobue-an is an important historical residence that stands among similar historical structures shifted from Kyoto and Kamakura. Yokobue, a female character in “The Tale of the Heike” is said to have prayed for the happiness of those in love, despite her own misfortunes in romance.

Sankei Memorial Hall

The museum displays biographical material on its founder, Hara Sankei, in addition to writings by Hara himself. Also on display are writings and other artistic works by authors and artists, and the wall art from the Rinshunkaku building.

Sankei Memorial Hall Tea Ceremony Room Bototei 

You can enjoy a cup of traditional green tea for 500 yen.

Sankei Memorial Hall Shop

Check out the traditional tenugui cloths and fabrics on display that you can only purchase at Sankeien.

Sankei Memorial Hall Tea Ceremony Hall Bototei 

You can enjoy a cup of traditional green tea for 500 yen.

20 minutes

(on foot 3 minutes) Honmoku Sankeien-mae Bus Stop
-> (approx. 15 minutes) Yokohama City Bus Line 8 / 148 Yamashitacho Bus Stop (adults 210 yen children 110 yen)
-> 4 minutes on foot

4: Yokohama Marine Tower

100% Success rate! Marriage Proposal Plans limited to 1 couple a day are available.

Try proposing marriage and never-ending love on the observation deck of Yokohama Marine Tower – the symbol of Yokohama.

Special Topic 1 Yokohama Marine Tower “Proposal Plan”

Start the plan by dining at “THE TOWER RESTAURANT YOKOHAMA” on the 4th floor. You can change the lighting and background music on the observation deck and inside the elevator on request. The observation deck can be booked for just the two of you for 10 minutes. The staff will assist in your proposal efforts during this time. 10 to 15 couples use this service a month – and so far, the success rate has been 100%! The floor is open for couples who wish to celebrate anniversaries as well.

Marine Tower Shop

Here you can buy Marine Tower and original Yokohama souvenirs.

1. Yokohama Marine Tower
*Closed due to renovation from April 2019.


17 minutes

Approximately a 17 minute stroll while observing the night views.
Use the Seabass (the waterway bus) for transport on Saturdays!

5: Yokohama Minato Mirai Manyo Club

A foot spa where you can enjoy the night views and immerse yourself in the romantic legends of Yokohama.

A great spot with a panoramic view of Yokohama at night, while relaxing in the foot spa. The suite room below the Statue of Michibiki of the InterContinental Yokohama Grand is said amongst young women to have a helping hand in making your romantic dreams come true said.

Yokohama Minato Mirai Manyo Club

The Manyo Club is an all-in-one facility that provides a quality onsen(hot spring), food, beauty parlor, and rest place. An outdoor onsen, hinoki-buro, great bathhouse, and a variety of unique baths in addition to a restaurant, beauty parlor, massage salon, and hotel facilities are available. The rooftop foot spa provides a panoramic night view of Yokohama Port. Ladies get to enjoy 9 different types of yukata to choose from while in the facility.

Statue of Michibiki

The winged-goddess, the Statue of Michibiki atop the roof of the hotel is 4 meters high, weighing 1.3 tons. A miniature 1m replica of the same statue is also on display on the 1st floor of the hotel. The statue is a good luck charm, and is said to grant your wishes.

10-20 minutes

A 10 to 20 minute walk, while observing the night views.

6: Stay as a special place on a special day!

In addition to beautiful guest rooms, great food and views, stay at a luxury hotel with premium service.

Hotel New Grand

An historic hotel that opened in 1927, it also made an appearance in the animated movie “Kokuriko Zaka kara” by Studio Ghibli Hear the fog horns sound throughout the night and enjoy views of Yokohama Port. Spend your anniversary day with beautiful views, sparkling wine, and petite desert plates delivered through room service. Birthday anniversary plans complete with bath robe and special layout services are also popular. Make reservations 2 weeks in advance and you get to stay on higher floors above the 15th story at a special price. Complementary welcome drinks are also available for those with early reservations.

Yokohama Royal Park Hotel

Japan’s highest hotel situated between the 49th and 70th floors of Yokohama’s Landmark Tower. All guest rooms are spacey and luxurious, located above 210 meters from the ground. Mount Fuji is also visible from the hotel rooms, depending on the direction your window faces. The lunch buffet menu of “Sirius”, the sky lounge on the 70th floor is popular. The jacuzzi baths in the premium double rooms provide beautiful night views from great heights.

3 hours

7: Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Further down the scarlet carpet you will find the “Happiness Bell”, a sign of good luck for couples in a relationship.

The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse are a famed dating spot in Japan, and has been a shooting location for many TV dramas music videos and TV commercials. The Red Brick Warehouse is popular as a night viewing spot for its views of the great Ferris wheel and Yokohama Bay Bridge – symbols of Yokohama city. The second floor balcony of the 2nd building is recommended. It is less crowded compared to the event square between the 1st and 2nd buildings, allowing you to enjoy the night views in peace. Move along the balcony towards the seaside, and at the end, you will find the “Happiness Bell”. Ring the bells for good luck – and maybe, your bond will be long-lived!

Happiness Bell

The “Happiness Bell” are located at the end of the balcony on the second floor of the second building in the Red Brick Warehouse. Ringing the bells may just add to the romantic mood staged by views of Yokohama Bay Bridge, the Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal, and Yokohama Port.


Yokohama is the birthplace of ice cream in Japan. “Bashamichi Ice” offers traditional ice cream made from eggs, milk, and sugar.


A cafe featuring a 21st century depiction of tea ceremony rooms. The cafe has a lounge and dining area fusing oriental and occidental essences. Enjoy the soothing music flowing from the DJ booth.

bills Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

The second Australian food restaurant in Japan that aims to produce the “world’s best breakfast”. In addition to the scrambled eggs and ricotta pancakes, bills is proud of its “Very Berry Pancake”, an original item.

Motion Blue yokohama

A stylish live-house restaurant where Blue-note Tokyo assisted in the planning. An entertainment area for adults featuring a stage for top class performers, in addition to a unique cuisine based on French and fused with international fare.

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