AGM Trading

Halal Food Shop

AGM Trading

Cozy all-halal food shop

This exclusively halal food supplier has served Muslim residents in Yokohama and around the country since its establishment in 2001. The modestly-sized shop around the corner from Tsunashima station is packed with a wide range of quality goods, from dried beans and herbs to frozen meat and canned foods. For those who live at a distance, the same products can be purchased online and delivered to your door. The friendly owner, Mohamed Huraish from Sri Lanka, also runs the cozy halal restaurant, Hari Rasai, across the street; your trip to Tsunashima will be deliciously rewarded.

Rice, oils, spices, pickles, beans, canned goods, ready-made foods, frozen and dried foods, Indian, Sri Lankan, Indonesian & Malaysian, Bangladeshi, Middle Eastern, Philipino and African food supplies.



Northern Yokohama

Opening Hours



1-1-16-2F Tsunashima Nishi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama


Closest Railway Station

1 min walk from Tsunashima station on Tokyo Toyoko Line



Muslim Friendly