BRANCH Yokohama Nanbu Market

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BRANCH Yokohama Nanbu Market

BRANCH Yokohama Nanbu Market is a commercial facility that opened in September 2019 with the concept of "live food market, interaction spot for people to connect with the community through food", based on the market’s characteristics.

Under the three themes of “discovery, experience and diffusion”, here you can enjoy finding new things, stimulating your senses with gastronomic experiences and knowing more about local ingredients and its culinary culture.

Inside the facility, there are leafy spaces such as a grass-lined seaside plaza, an interaction space equipped with cooking facilities, and events that actively incorporate ingredients from the market are also held.



Southern Yokohama


1-1 Torihamacyo, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, 236-0002


Closest Railway Station

"Nambu-Shijō Station" (Yokohama Seaside Line)



Eating Facilities

cafe, restaurant