Marine Park (Umi no koen)

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Marine Park (Umi no koen)

Marine Park (Umi no koen) is a seaside park with a surface area of 470,000 square meters, lying at the north side of Nojima Park. It has a multipurpose playfield where people can enjoy soccer, rugby football, and other sports, as well as a barbeque area. On the beach, you can enjoy shellfish gathering in the early summer and sea bathing in the summer. This is the only beach in Yokohama City where you can swim. Clams and trough shells can be collected on the beach. Entrance is free and visitors collecting shellfish may take home up to 2kg per person.



Southern Yokohama

Opening Hours

Depends on facility
Jan. & Feb.: Closed
Nov. & Dec. & Mar.: Closed on specific days


10, Umi no Koen, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama, 236-0013


Closest Railway Station

"Uminokoen-shibaguchi Station" "Uminokoen-minamiguchi Station" "Hakkeijima Station" (Sea Side Line)





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kiosk, rest house

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