Mal Isezaki


Mal Isezaki

Isezaki Mall is a place where visitors can feel the reminiscence of the old port town, Yokohama. It has an unique atmosphere with a mix of amusement facilities, vibrant local shopping street and a nightlife district right behind it. Each block has a distinct character - 1 and 2 Chome with shops and amusement facilities, 3 to 5 Chome with small quaint stores and 6 Chome where many furniture stores exist. From May to August, "Ichi-rock Enichi" is held on days with dates including 1 or 6, when traditional carnival and food stands open around 7 Chome where the Child Rearing Jizo stands, attracting many people. On September 13 and 14, the Reitai-sai Festival of the Hie Shrine, commonly known as "Osan-no-Miya" is held. More than 50 mikoshis are carried out once in two years for a grand festivity.



Pecinan / Kannai / Taman Yamashita

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Stasiun Kereta Api Terdekat

"Stasiun Kannai" (Jalur JR Keihin-Tohoku Negishi / Kotamadya Yokohama)





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