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NYK Maritime Museum

Last updated:09/02/2024

画像:NYK Maritime Museum

Although the building is a historical structure with steps, it has a "wheelchair-only entrance" and other barrier-free flow lines.

Area Chinatown / Kannai / Yamashita Park
Opening Hours 10:00am - 5:00pm Closed on Mondays (the following day if it's a holiday)
Address 3-9, Kaigandori, Naka-ku, Yokohama, 231-0002
Closest Railway Station "Kannai Station" (JR Keihin-Tohoku Negishi Line, Yokohama Municipal Subway) "Bashamichi Station" (Minatomirai Line)
TEL 045-211-1923
FAX 045-211-1923
Ticket Info Adults: 400 yen Elementary / Jr. high / High school students: 250 yen Senior (65+): 250 yen (Combination tickets with Hikawamaru are available)
Eating Facilities drink service is available (group of 15 people or less)
Barrier Free slope, wheel chair rental, disabled stall, patner dog
Childcare baby changing table
Foreign Language Support English

The accessibility compliance status of this facility is as follows

Accessibility Support Status

  • Step inside facility
  • Information counter
  • Wheelchair slope inside facility(140 cm or wider)
  • Multifunctional restroom
  • Urinal with handrails
  • Western-style toilet with handrails
  • Wheelchair for rental
  • Diaper changing bed

Emergency system

Number of AEDs (automated external defibrillators) installed 1

Located in the building, not in the museum

Considerations in evacuation flow lines The 1st floor allows access to the outside without using the stairs. The building can be accessed without steps.

Parking lot

Parking lot No
Number of wheelchair-accessible parking spaces (350 cm or wider, near entrances and exits)


Stairs or steps of 2 cm or more at entrances/exits (barrier) Yes

The main entrance has steps, no ramp, no lift and no automatic door, but there is a wheelchair accessible intercom at the northwest entrance to open the doors and let you enter the museum.

Handrails on steps/stairs Yes
Ramps for stairs and steps (140 cm or more in width) No
Wheelchair lifts for stairs No
Entrance/exit width is 80 cm or more Yes
Automatic doors at entrances/exits No

On premises

Information desk Yes
Steps of 2 cm or more on the premises (barrier) No
Steep slopes with a gradient of 5° (1/12) or more and a length of 2 m or more on the premises (barrier) No
Ramp for steps (140 cm or more in width) Yes
Alternative measures such as personnel support for steps
Passageway on the premises are more than 140 cm No

Part of the exhibition viewing aisle less than 140 cm

Escalators No
Wheelchair-accessible elevator (entrance width: 80 cm or more, elevator car depth: 135 cm or more) No
Wheelchair lift for stairs No
Benches for resting Yes
Wheelchair-accessible and dedicated seating (spectator facilities and rides)

Barrier-free restroom (multi-functional restroom)

Barrier-free restrooms (multi-functional restroom) Yes
Separate men's and women's barrier-free restrooms (multi-functional restroom) No
Automatic sliding doors No
Bidet toilet Yes
Ostomate-compatible No
Universal seats (diaper changing beds that can also be used by adults) No

Diaper changing beds available for infants and toddlers

General restroom

Urinals with handrails Yes
Western-style toilets with handrails Yes
Private rooms with infant chair No
Larger sized private rooms (e.g., can accommodate strollers) Yes

Spacious private rooms available in the women's restroom

Wheelchair rental

Manual wheelchair Yes


Electric wheelchair (electric cart) No

Information assurance

Written communication boards at the information desk, communication apps, etc. No
Braille information boards or braille materials No
Audio guidance support (earphone guide, etc.) No
Braille guidance blocks for the visually impaired on the premises No

Multilingual support

Foreign language information displays Yes
Easy-to-understand Japanese information displays Yes

A brief explanation sheet is placed at each section with phonetic characters placed above kanji characters

Interpretation services by employees Yes

English-language interpretation of the permanent exhibition available

Support by automatic translation tools No

Baby care

Diaper changing table Yes

Inside the barrier-free restroom

Nursing room No
Installation of hot water heaters or kettles No
Baby stroller rental No
Temporary storage of baby strollers (baby stroller storage) Yes

Baby strollers can be placed in the space in front of the reception desk and next to the store

Discount system, etc.

Discount system based on disability and age (65 and over, etc.) 65 years old and over: 250 yen, no charge for those with a disability certificate and a specified disease beneficiary certificate and one caregiver
Other services and initiatives