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こころのバリアフリー 認定マークBarrier-free Mindsets Certification System for Tourism Facilities

The Japan Tourism Agency has established the "Barrier-free Mindsets Certification System for Tourism Facilities" for tourist facilities that are actively working on barrier-free measures and information dissemination.

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The Barrier-free Mindsets Certification System

This is a certification system established by the Japan Tourism Agency. It is designed to support further barrier-free accessibility of tourist facilities and make travel safer and more comfortable for everyone, including the elderly and people with disabilities.
Certified facilities will be issued a certification mark by the Japan Tourism Agency, which can be used at service counters, websites, etc.

こころのバリアフリー 認定マーク
Barrier-free mindset certification logo

Target facilities

  1. Accommodation facilities (facilities classified as one of the following)
    1. ① Facilities with a business license under the Hotel Business Act
    2. ② Facilities certified under the National Strategic Special Zone Act
    3. ③ Facilities that have been notified under the Private Lodging Business Act
  2. Restaurants
    Facilities with a business license under the Food Sanitation Act
  3. Tourist information centers (e.g., facilities certified by the Japan National Tourism Organization as foreign tourist information centers)

Certification criteria

All of the following criteria must be met.

  1. At least three measures to complement the barrier-free performance of the facility must be implemented to ensure that the elderly, disabled persons, etc. can use the facility safely and smoothly.
  2. Education and training on barrier-free accessibility must be provided at least once a year.
  3. Barrier-free information, including information on barriers at facilities, must be actively disseminated on websites other than the company's own website.