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InterContinental Yokohama Grand

Last updated: 09/02/2024

画像:InterContinental Yokohama Grand

The hotel is the first in Japan to be operated directly by the InterContinental Hotels and Resorts international chain. InterContinental Hotels and Resorts operates 170 hotels throughout the world. These elegant hotels and resorts reflect the unique characteristics of the surrounding culture and environment. In addition to being an international hotel catering to the various needs of business travelers, it also has the feel of a resort hotel. An International Hotel Located adjacent to an international convention and exhibit hall, the InterContinental Yokohama Grand caters to the needs of international business travelers and during conventions, provides the premium services and facilities demanded by such events. Building Shaped Like a Yacht Under Sail The buildings along the waterfront of the Minato Mirai 21 area were designed to evoke the ocean. The conference center resembles a shell, the exhibit hall evokes the image of a wave, and the InterContinental Yokohama Grand is shaped like a yacht under sail. A Relaxing and Tranquil Urban Resort Located on the Yokohama waterfront, the hotel provides the relaxing feel of an urban resort that is enhanced by details such as open, airy spaces and oversized windows in guest rooms. The hotel provides a spectacular, unobstructed, panoramic view of the Yokohama harbor, and at night, the night view rooms also offer beautiful vistas of the Yokohama city lights. The view from any room gives our guests the relaxing sensation of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city. And there are 8 varieties of restaurants and Bar, such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, Buffet restaurant and so on.

The accessibility compliance status of this facility is as follows

Accessibility Support Status

  • Wheelchair slope inside facility(140 cm or wider)
  • Disabled parking (wheelchairs)
  • Step inside facility
  • Escalator for general use
  • Elevator for general use
  • Multifunctional restroom
  • Disabled room
  • Wheelchair for rental
  • Assistance services

Outdoor Paths on the Premises

Are all passageways free of steps, etc., and wheelchair accessible?
The width of the passageways on the premises at least 140 cm.
Is the effective width of the passageway of the ramps and slopes at least 140 cm
Is the route to the guidance facilities a smooth passageway for those who are visually impaired?


Are parking facilities for wheelchair users provided?

Availability of Information

Is there a facility information display in braille, tactile maps, etc.? ×


Is the width of the entrance/exit at least 85 cm?
Are there automatic doors or easy passage for wheelchair users, and is there a height difference between the front and back of the doors?

Indoor Corridors and Passageways

Are there any steps, or are steps eliminated by ramps, etc.?
Is the effective width of the passageways at least 140 cm?


Escalators and Elevators

Elevators are available.
The elevators have braille and audio guidance.

Braille ( O ) Audio guidance ( O )

The elevator car/elevator ramp entrance/exit is at least 80 cm wide and the depth of the elevator car is at least 135 cm.

Barrier-free Restrooms (Multifunctional Restrooms)

There is a barrier-free restroom (multi-functional restroom)

Separate restroom, 3 locations

Ostomate-compatible facilities are available. ×
Baby chair/crib ×
Universal seats (diaper changing beds that can also be used by adults) are available. ×

Barrier-free room/Universal room

Hotel/guest rooms, etc. (Barrier-free rooms and universal rooms) Number of guest rooms 3
Room types Hollywood Twin × 3

General Room

Is the width of the entrance/exit at least 80 cm?
Are the bathtubs, showers, handrails, etc. appropriately located? ×
Is there sufficient space for wheelchair accessibility? ×
Is the width of the entrance/exit at least 80 cm? ×
Are the doors easily accessible to wheelchair users, and are there any height differences between the front and rear of the doors? ×

Steps: 1 cm

Is the width of the entrance/exit at least 80 cm? ×
Are the doors easily accessible to wheelchair users, and are there any height differences between the front and rear of the doors? ×

Steps: 1 cm

Restaurants, Bars and Shops

Are there any steps at the entrances and exits or at the floor?

Depends on restaurant

Is there a passageway of at least 85 cm between the tables and display shelves? (80 cm or more for buildings less than 200 m2)

Depends on restaurant and location

Is there a menu with pictures or phonetic characters placed above the kanji characters?

Depends on restaurant

Are there tables with wheelchair accessible seating?
Is an allergy-friendly menu available, or can they be accommodated?

Advance reservation required

Is it possible to accommodate special requests such as meals consisting of chopped ingredients, small portions, etc.?

Advance reservation required

General Services for People with Special Needs

Are there wheelchairs available for rent?

7 wheelchairs

Do employees provide assistance to wheelchair users, visually impaired persons, etc., as needed?
Support for foreign tourists such multilingual support (details of support)

Generally English only