Bashamichi Festival 2019

Bashamichi Festival 2019

Bashamichi is a street where the first gas lights, the first boulevard trees, the first ice cream, and many other western cultures were introduced for the first time in Japan. Bashamichi Festival takes place every year to commemorate its history.

During the Bashamichi Festival, Horse-drawn carriages, rickshaws, and ladies dressed in clothes from Rokumeikan era (1880’s) will parade through the Street. There will be a Street Market, Concert, Rakugo, Japanese sit-down comedy, Gas-lighting Ceremony, and much more.

<Dates> Oct. 31 (Thu.) to Nov. 3 (Sun.), 2019
Gas-light Festival: Oct. 31(Thu.), 2019 from 5PM
・Gas-lighting Ceremony
・Street Live
Main Event: Nov. 3(Sun.), 2019
・Street Live
・Stamp Rally, etc.
<Venue> Bashamichi Shopping Avenue



Chinatown / Kannai / Yamashita Park


Oct. 31 (Thu.) to Nov. 3 (Sun.), 2019


Bashamichi Shopping Avenue