Yokohama Haikara Kimono Kan (Yokohama Kimono Station)

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Yokohama Haikara Kimono Kan (Yokohama Kimono Station)

Enjoy KIMONO experience in Yokohama, the first harbor city introduced to the world as the gateway to Japan.

Yokohama Haikara Kimono Kan (Yokohama Kimono Station) is a Kimono rental store located on the M1 floor of Silk Center Building in Yamashita area. You can choose from over 50 different kinds of Kimono, Hakama, and Furisode. A professional fitter will dress you and you will be ready for a day out with Kimono!

<Types of KIMONO>
•KIMONO: Town style Kimono to enjoy strolling around the city.
•HAKAMA: A unique type of Kimono which is like over-skirt, thus easy to move.
•FURISODE: It is a top formal dress for female with a charm of elegant pattern and rich texture of silk.

<How to rent a Kimono>
1.Make a reservation: We ask that you make an advanced booking via email.
Yokohama Haikara Kimono Kan EMAIL:
***Please lete us know:
-Type of KIMONO, number of people, preferred reservation date & time,
name, email address, gender, height, and shoe size of each participants.
2. Meet in Kimono Station in Silk Center
3. Choose your own Kimono
4. Get Dressed: A professional fitter will dress you to look your best.
5. Free Time: Enjoy a stroll around town in your Kimono.
6. Return: Please return to Yokohama Haikara Kimono Kan no later than 5:30pm.

*Prices include tax, full set of Kimono, Obi sash, Kimono underwear, Tabi socks, bags, Kimono slippers, and dress fitting.

•KIMONO 5,500 yen
•YUKATA (summer) 5,500 yen
•HAKAMA 9,000 yen
•FURISODE 14,500 yen and up (depends on the fabric)

•KIMONO 5,500 yen and up
•YUKATA(summer) 5,500 yen

•KIMONO 3,500 yen
•YUKATA (summer) 3,500 yen



Chinatown / Kannai / Yamashita Park

Opening Hours

10:00am - 6:00pm (Last Reception 4:00pm)
Closed on Wednesdays


Room 134 M1F Silk Centre Bldg., 1 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama


Closest Railway Station

3min. walk from "Nihon-Odori Station" (Minatomirai Line)
15min. walk from "Kannai Station" (JR Keihin-Tohoku Negishi Line, Yokohama Municipal Subway)


045-663-8108 (Japanese only)

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