Yokohama Marathon 2019

Yokohama Marathon 2019

The Yokohama Marathon, which has a history of 33 years, have transformed into a much-awaited full marathon race from 2015. "Yokohama Marathon 2019," which expects to have about 28,000 runners, will be the third-largest marathon event in Japan in which members of the general public can take part, after the Tokyo Marathon and the Osaka Marathon.

The Yokohama Marathon will use a course that passes many tourist spots, with the latter half of the course also including part of an expressway. Thus participants can fully enjoy the views of places like Yokohama Bay Bridge, the Port of Yokohama and high-rise buildings in central Yokohama.

- Full marathon (42.195 km)
- 1/7 marathon (6.0278 km)
- 1/7 marathon (wheelchair)
- 2 km (wheelchair)

<Application Period>
Charity/Foreigners: Wednesday April 17 – Friday June 28
General: Wednesday April 17 – Monday May 20



มินาโตะ มิราอิ 21 / ซากุรากิ-โช


Nov. 10 (Sun.), 2019<Starting time> Full Marathon 8:30 am



045-651-0666 (available 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. on weekdays)